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Officers and Committees

SFS Operations Manual (pdf)

Executive Committee

Colden Baxter (President)
Emily Bernhardt (Past-President)
Jennifer Tank (President-Elect)
Amy Marcarelli (Vice President)
Todd Royer (Vice President-Elect)
Mike Swift (Treasurer)
Sally Entrekin (Secretary)
Kim Haag (FC Chair)
Ayesha Burdett (PIP Rep)

Board of Directors

Colden Baxter (President)
Emily Bernhardt (Past-President)
Jennifer Tank (President-Elect)
Amy Marcarelli (Vice President)
Steve Thomas (Past Vice President)
Todd Royer (Vice President-Elect)
Mike Swift (Treasurer)
Sally Entrekin (Secretary)
Walter Dodds (Academic Rep)
Natalie Griffiths (Early Career)
Stuart Findley (Non-Academic Rep)
Angus Webb (International Delegate)
Darrin Hunt (SRC Rep)
Chuck Hawkins (PC Chair)
Kim Haag (FC Chair)


Kim Haag (Chair/Appointed)
Mike Swift (Treasurer)
Irwin Polls (Journal Business Mgr, non-voting)
Emily Bernhardt (Past-President)
Colden Baxter (President)
Jennifer Tank (President-Elect)
Betsy Colburn (Appointed)
Anna Hamilton (Appointed)

Board of Trustees of the Endowment

Stuart Findlay (Advisor)
Wil Wollheim (Chair)
Amy Braccia
David Arscott
Colden Baxter (President)
Mike Swift (Treasurer) - ex officio
Kim Haag (FC Chair) - ex officio

Elections and Place

Emily Bernhardt (Past-President/Chair)
Matt Whiles (Past-President)
Michelle Evans-White (2018)
Amy Burgin
Joy Brisighella

Awards Selection

Jennifer Tank (President-Elect)

Fellows of the Society for Freshwater Science
Walter Dodds
Steve Hamilton

Award of Excellence and Distinguished Service Subcommittee
Caryn Vaughn (Chair)
Dave Strayer (Past-President 2014)
Matt Whiles (Past-President 2015)
Emily Bernhardt (Past-President 2016)
Bob Naiman
Sue Norton

Hynes Award Subcommittee
Dan Allen (Chair)
Wyatt Cross
Julian Olden
Sue Eggert
Erin Hotchkiss
Deb Finn

Environmental Stewardship Subcommittee
Jason Taylor (SPC/Chair)
Emily Bernhardt (Past-President 2016)
Laura Johnson (2017)
Sally Entrekin (CEIC)
Eric Strauss (CEIC)
Irwin Polls (TIC)
Sandra Clinton (SPC)
Student Awards Selection Subcommittee
Peggy Morgan (Chair)

Long-Range Planning

Nick Aumen (Chair)
Steve Francoeur
Fred Benfield
Tim Hoellein
Meryl Mims
Steve Thomas
Eugenia Marti
Andrea Encalada
Petra Kranzfelder
Erin Hotchkiss


David Walters (Co-Chair)
Jeff Wesner (Co-Chair)
Laura Craig
David Costello
Jennifer Tank
Scott Tiegs
Jay Zarnetske
Steve Hamilton

Local Arrangement
Donna Kashian (Chair)
Eric Benbow
Steve Francoeur
Darrin Hunt
Peter Levi
Alan Steinman


Chuck Hawkins (Chair)
David Buchwalter (2018)
Kate Schofield
Nick Auman (LRPC Chair, voting)
Ayesha Burdett (PIP Co-Chair, voting)
Ross Vander Vorste (Newsletter Editor)
Pamela Silver (Journal Editor)
Irwin Polls (Journal Business Mgr.)
Mark Wetzel (Literature Rev. Editor)
Ryan Hill (Web Editor)

Freshwater Science Editorial Subcommittee
Pam Silver (Chair/Editor)
Irwin Polls (Business Manager)
Assoc. Editors - See website for current list

Newsletter Editorial Subcommittee
Ross Vander Vorste (Newsletter Editor)

Literature Review Subcommittee
Mark Wetzel

Website Editorial Subcommittee
Ryan Hill (Web Editor)
Becky Bixby
Ayesha Burdett (PIP Co-Chair)
Eric Moody (PIP Co-Chair)
Keysa Rosa (SFS Classifieds)
Patina Mendez (Past-Web Editor)
Chuck Hawkins

Public Information and Publicity

Ayesha Burdett (Co-Chair)
Eric Moody (Co-Chair)
Ryan Hill (Web Editor)
Patina Mendez (Past-Web Editor)
Becky Bixby (Past Co-Chair)
Erin Hotchkiss
Jo Latimore (Social Media)
Romi Burks (Social Media)
Anna Boegehold (Social Media)
Ross Vander Vorste (Newsletter Editor)
Debra Finn (Former Newsletter Editor)
David Manning (Newsletter)
Rachel Voight (Newsletter)
Lisa Kunza (EDC Liaison)
Erin Larson (Podcast)
Stephen Elser (Podcast)
Katherine O'reilly (SRC Rep)
Alex Yeung (SRC Rep)
John Olson (SPC Liaison)

Constitutional Revision

Jeff Muehlbauer (Chair)
Sarah Roley
Fred Benfield

Student Resources

Andrew Sanders (Chair)
Jessica Fulgoni
Darrin Hunt (BOD Rep and Local Meeting coordinator)
Martha Dee (Silent Book Auction Chair)
Sophie Higgs (Live Auction Chair)
Rachel Voight (SRC Workshop Chair)
Courtney Larson (Student-Mentor Mixer Chair)
Raissa Mendonca (Merchandise Co-Chair)
Sean Nussle (Merchandise Co-Chair)
Andrea Fitzgibbon (Merchandise Co-Chair)
Anna Vincent (Undergrad Awards Co-Chair)
Lisa Kim (Undergrad Awards Co-Chair)
Katherine O'Reilly (Social Media Co-Chair)
Kara Prior (Social Media Co-Chair)
Paul Risteca (Education and Diversity Co-Chair)

Taxonomic Certification

Bern Sweeney (Co-Chair)
John Morse (Co-Chair)
Jim Glover
Gary Lester
Scott Miller
Richard Mitchell
Barry Poulton
James (Sam) Stribling
Stephanie Strachan
Mark Wetzel

Technical Issues

Sean Sullivan, (Co-Chair)
Rebecca Winterringer (Co-Chair)
Erin Smith
Michelle Hornberger
Molli Newman
Steve Beaty
Kristen Pavlik
Mark Wetzel
Jerry Jacobi
Steve McMurray
Quenton Tuckett
Irwin Polls

Science and Policy

Mike Paul (Chair)
Ron Griffiths
John Olson
Than Hitt
Dan Auerbach
Jason Taylor
Kiza Gates
Mike Shupryt
Pat Medvick
Sandra Clinton

International Coordination

Blanca Rios (Co-Chair, Ecuador)
Alonso Ramírez (Co-Chair, Puerto Rico)
Ivan Arismendi (Chile)
Mark Gessner (Germany)
Michael T. Monaghan (Germany)
Yushun Chen (USA)
Masaru Sakai (Japan)
Len Ferrington (USA)
Daniel von Schiller (Spain)
John Morse (USA)
Tim Moulton (Brazil)
Piet F.M. Verdonschot (Netherland)
Sylvester Ogbogu (Nigeria)
Thibault Datry (France)
Scott Larned (New Zealand)
Mario Brauns (Germany)
Sonja Jaehnig (Germany) 
Marco Cantonati  (Italy)

Conservation and Environmental Issues

Eric Strauss (Chair)
Jennifer Lynch
David J. Berg
John Wallace
Nick Aumen
Barry Baldigo
Michael Griffith
Donna Kashian
Bill Perry
Karen Gaines
Steve Rier

Education and Diversity

Checo Colon-Gaud (Chair)
Peter Levi
Kevin Wyatt
Alicia Slater
Pat Edwards
Roger Haro
Lisa Kunza
Pete Cadmus
Randy Fuller
Timothy Hoellein
Judith Li
Tamara Slus
Mike Peterson
Carla Atkinson
Krista Capps
Patina Mendez
Petra Kranzfelder
Matt McTammany
Nicholas Macias
Kaleb Heinrich
PJ Torres
Alyssa Anderson

Sponsorship & Development

Al Steinman (Co-Chair)
Lucinda Johnson (Co-Chair)
CJ Geraci
Bern Sweeney
Bill McDowell
Jack Stanford
Nick Aumen - LRPC Chair
Donna Kashian
Krista Capps (INSTARS focus)

Journal Endowment Committee

Irwin Polls (Chair)
Pam Silver
Colden Baxter
Alonso Ramirez
Chuck Hawkins

Special Offices

Chris Swan (Chapter Organization)
Randy Fuller (CASS Rep)

Early Career Development

Natalie Griffiths (Co-Chair)
Meryl Mims (Co-Chair)
Zacchaius Compson
Michael Hassett
Ashley Helton
Erin Hotchkiss
Marc Peipoch
PJ Torres

*Ad hoc for 2017-2018; becoming permanant in this year's bylaws revision.

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