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Announcement of SFS Endorsement of the March For Science

By Emily S. Bernhardt, SFS President and Colden Baxter, SFS President Elect

February 2017

On behalf of the Society for Freshwater Science, we are formally announcing our endorsement of the March for Science, planned for April 22nd in Washington, D.C.

There are many reasons that have been advanced for activism in support of science and each of you likely have a slightly different hierarchy of concerns. For those SFSers that march, SFS will be preparing a series of short statements (suitable for signs, buttons, t-shirts) that call particular attention to recent efforts to roll back environmental protections for U.S. freshwaters (WOTUS and the stream protection rule) that are in clear disregard of the best available science. We would appreciate your creative suggestions for pithy, eye catching and reasonable statements. Please email Colden and I directly or tweet your idea to #SFSMarchForScience.


Being Kind

By President Emily Bernhardt

September 2016

Emily Bernhardt


There are two issues that I want to talk with you about in this first essay and I have been struggling to see how they are related. The first is that many of you have written to me over the last few months with your concerns about holding our 2017 meeting in NC in light of our state's decision to pass HB2 (the so called "bathroom law" that aims to treat transgender people as second class citizens). The second is that a couple of our members have reported unpleasant incidents in which a senior scientist said unpleasant or hurtful things to junior members at SFS meetings.



Posted 1/5/2017

The Board of Directors has approved revisions to SFS By-laws to make them align better with SFS practice. These include language establishing an SFS Fellows program, an Endowed Publication Fund and Journal Endowment Committee, and renaming the "Assistant to the President" position to the more accurate title of "Vice President." These proposed revisions were approved by the SFS Board of Directors, and were put to a vote of the membership at the upcoming annual meeting in May 2016, as per the amendment process specified in the SFS By-laws.

Read more and view the SFS Constitution and By-Laws.

SFS Election 2016

Posted 3/3/2016

The election results are in, and we are pleased to announce the new officers and board members of the Society for Freshwater Science:

• President (2017-2018): Colden Baxter, Idaho State University
• Secretary (2016-2019): Sally Entrekin, University of Central Arkansas
• Non-Academic Delegate to the Board of Directors (2016-2019): Stuart Findlay, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
• Non-North American Delegate to the Board of Directors (2016-2019): Angus Webb, University of Melbourne

We thank everyone who voted (and encourage the many of you who did not vote to do so next year!), and Sue Norton, Joy Brisighella, Deb Finn, and Patina Mendez for helping with the election. Most of all, we thank all of the good people who agreed to run for these offices (Bill McDowell, Jay Jones, Gary Lester, and Mark Gessner, as well as those who were elected) and thereby devote some of their precious time, energy, and ideas to SFS. The society could not run without the good will and hard work of such people.

-David Strayer, on behalf of the Elections and Place Committee

Board of Directors

Quarterly meeting minutes of the SFS Board of Directors are available for member viewing (requires login).

Annual Committee Reports and Society Business Meeting

Annual committee reports and Society Business Meeting are available for member viewing (requires login).

Regional and International Chapters of the Society for Freshwater Science

The SFS is beginning to establish regional North American and international chapters of the society. This is a volunteer initiative to only occur in regions of North America and other parts of the World where the society can grow in membership and to also help groups of interested freshwater scientists in more regional and local pursuits of networking and focused common research/applied issues. The change in the name of our society from the North American Benthological Society to the Society for Freshwater Science was a move in the direction of establishing a more global voice in addressing issues of our water resources. Establishing chapters of the society will further enhance that global voice.

Read about the new chapters.

SFS 5-year Strategic Plan 2014

The Long-range Planning Committee, in collaboration with members of the Executive Committee, has produced the next five-year Strategic Plan for the Society. This Plan, while retaining a number of key goals and initiatives from the last plan, has new areas of emphasis which will help guide the Society over the next five years, and beyond.

We are posting the final version of the Plan on the Society’s web page below for your consideration. Please review this important document since we will be asking the membership to vote to approve this plan at the Business Meeting in Portland.


SFS 5-year Strategic Plan 2009

The SFS 5-year Strategic Plan was constructed by the 2008-2009 Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) of the North American Benthological Society. The SFS 5-year Strategic Plan presents 4 overarching goals. The Society should: 1) better position itself so as to be viewed as a key source for science-based management decisions and to influence public policy and perceptions, 2) better interact with educators to improve aquatic science education, 3) grow and diversify, and 4) increase the number of individuals with taxonomic certification. This plan will be considered a "living document" that will be revised to address new and changing conditions.

View the full version of the NABS 5-year strategic plan 2009 (requires login).

Society Business Archive

SFS Society Business from prior years is available in the Society Business Archive. Society Business from 1992-2012 is archived in The Bulletin.
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