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Freshwater Science

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June 2017, Volume 36, Issue 2

  • Light effects on in-stream ammonium oxidation
  • Apple snail responses to drying
  • Life history of Ptychobranchus jonesi
  • Thermal restriction in a headwater fish
  • Expert-based decision system

Featured article

A. B. Stoler, W. D. Hintz, D. K. Jones, L. Lind, B. M. Mattes, M. S. Schuler, and R. A. Relyea. 2017. Leaf litter mediates the negative effects of road salt on forested wetland communities. 36(2): 415-426.

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  • New publication describes the fate and ecological effects of amphetamine on biofilm, seston, and aquatic insect communities

  • SFS Bibliography Update:  The 2014 SFS Bibliography is available. 


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