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Aquatic Insects

  • Aquatic Insects from North Dakota Rivers and Streams (3833)

    This website is an identification key designed to use the advantages of a digital format to provide pictures and information to aid in insect identification. The web site currently goes to the family level with description pages for every family. These pages include descriptions of the group, notes on the groups ecology, and range maps for the state of North Dakota. (8/6/2002)

  • Pennsylvania Aquatic Insects (3775)

    This web site from Penn State University is a vast resource of information on aquatic insects. Users can search or browse the database for an insect species and view maps of the selected species distribution within Pennsylvania, or all of North America. The site has recently added some radar images of a Mayfly emergence, complete with a detailed description to help interpret the images. Those visitors interested in trout fishing may appreciate the two pages on tying flies that can be found by navigating through the section entitled How to Use Site.From The NSDL Scout Report for the Life Sciences, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2002. (6/14/2002)

  • Mosquito Genomics Server (1233)

    These databases include genetic and physical chromosome mapping data as well as literature citations. The six databases include a general mosquito database and five databases specific to each of these species: the yellow fever mosquito, the Asian tiger mosquito, the Eastern tree hole mosquito, the malaria mosquito, and the Northern house mosquito. From The NSDL Scout Report for the Life Sciences, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2002. (2/22/2002)

  • A Checklist of the Insects of North America (6293)

    Nomina Insecta Nearctica is a complete synonymical checklist of the approximately 90,000 species of insects of North America north of Mexico published by Entomological Information Services in 1996 and 1997. The list contains all of the species of insects of North America with the synonyms removed. (6/20/2001)

  • Key to Aquatic Macroinvertebrates (6785)

    Produced by the Stream Biomonitoring Unit of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, this key is a pictorial method of identifying aquatic macroinvertebrates. It is structured so the major groups of aquatic macroinvertebrates can be accurately identified primarily on the basis of photographs instead of traditional written keys that often require the knowledge of unfamiliar terminology. In the future, photographs of selected families, genera and species of macroinvertebrates will be added to the site. (4/20/2001)

  • Doug Craig's Homepage (1831)

    Includes information about Dr.Craig's work in hydrodynamics, Blephariceridae, Simuliidae. (6/18/1999)

  • Worldwide Dragonfly Association Homepage (1125)

    Contains a beginner's guide to dragonflies, collecting information, list of world odonatists, new world list, bibliography, links, more. (6/16/1999)

  • Odonata of North America (1364)

    Current North American checklist. (6/16/1999)

  • The Wonderful Caddis Worm: Sculptural Work in Collaboration with Trichoptera (1686)

    Since the early 1980s, artist Hubert Duprat has been utilizing insects to construct some of his "sculptures." By removing caddis fly larvae from their natural habitat and providing them with precious materials, he prompts them to manufacture cases that resemble jewelers' creations. Information theory, as explained by biologists such as Jacques Monod and Henri Atlan, helps us understand what seems to be the insect's aesthetic behavior. The activities of the caddis worm, as manipulated by Hubert Duprat, are prompted by the "noise"---beads, pearls and 18-karat gold pieces---introduced by the artist into the insect's environment. This article is based on a conversation between the artist and art critic Christian Besson. (4/26/1999)

  • The Ceratopogonid Web Page (1343)

    Bibliographies, Checklists and Catalogues, Ceratopogonid Information Exchange (CIE) Newsletter, Directory of Ceratopogonid Workers, Gallery of Ceratopogonid Workers (3/17/1999)

  • Dr. Bill Stark's Homepage (1091)

    Links to Dr. Stark's "pseudoneolithic" Spirit Nymphs, the North American Stonefly List and others. (1/3/1999)

  • Dragonflies and Damselflies: The Odonata Information Network (1272)

    Information on books and supplies for sale, collecting and preserving Odonata, the Directory of Odonatists, List of species from around the world, Meetings and events, and the Florida State Collection of Arthropods Odonata Collection. (1/3/1999)

  • Water Beetles Site (2117)

    Includes the Checklist of Aquatic Coleoptera, Classification of Families and Subfamilies of Aquatic Coleoptera, Bibliography of Aquatic Coleoptera, links to ITIS Coleoptera and other stuff. (1/3/1999)

  • Damselflies of Texas (1132)

    Species list, distribution maps and images. The Digital Dragonfly On-Line Museum. From Texas A&M University's Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. (1/2/1999)

  • John Epler's Chironomidae of Florida, N. and S. Carolina and water beetles of Florida (1806)

    Current information on the taxonomy and distribution of midges and water beetles in the Southeast US. (11/25/1998)

  • Aquatic (3014)

    Simple key to aquatic insect orders. A project of the National Teacher Enhancement Program, sponsored by the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the National Science Foundation. (10/1/1998)

  • Aquatic Insect Page (2247)

    Part of a collection of topics related to Big Darby Creek, Ohio. (10/1/1998)

  • Water Beetle World (2112)

    - A Great Site! A newsletter for world-wide water beetle workers. Includes Aquatic Coleoptera bibliography, the NABS Coleoptera bibliographies from 1996 and 1997, photos of beetles, a Request and Help Section, and news from the Balfour-Browne Club...lots more. (10/1/1998)

  • Coleopterists Society (1630)

    An international society devoted to the study of beetles. (10/1/1998)

  • Pagina Italiana Pesca a Mosca (885)


  • Tree of Life: Ephemeroptera page (1130)

    One of a collection of 1380 web pages containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity. Authored by biologists from around the world. (10/1/1998)

  • Neuroweb (928)

    "The Neuropterists' Home Page". Contains a working bibliography of literature on extant and fossil Neuroptera, Megaloptera and Raphidioptera. Neuropterists Directory. (10/1/1998)

  • British Dragonfly Society (1080)

    Information about the Society, a checklist of British species, and link to the National Dragonfly Museum. (10/1/1998)

  • Checklist of Michigan Odonata (1075)

    Compiled by Mark O'Brien. Updated regularly with information from the Michigan Odonata Survey and others. (10/1/1998)

  • Dragonfly Society of the Americas (1154)


  • Odonata: Dragonflies and Damselflies (1383)

    Information about the North American Dragonfly Migration Project. Also contains the Kansas Odonata Checklist, the Oklahoma Checklist, Checklist of Nebraska and surrounding states, Odonata Biodiversity, Miscellaneous Information related to Dragonflies, links to numerous regional faunal lists, and more. Roy Beckemeyer. (10/1/1998)

  • Odonata (Dragonflies/Damselflies) of Cape Cod Newsletter. (1003)


  • Odonata Pictures (1497)


  • North American Stonefly List (1831)

    A list of more than 600 different stonefly species and their distribution. Maintained by Dr. Bill Stark. (10/1/1998)

  • The Tree of Life for Plecoptera (1404)


  • Trichoptera World Checklist (1452)

    From Clemson University, continuously updated by Dr. John C. Morse. Database is searchable by taxon, type country and biogeographic region. (10/1/1998)

  • Catalogs of the Ephemeroptera (1797)

    Part of Ephemeroptera Galactica. (10/1/1998)

  • Directory of Mayfly researchers (1299)

    Part of Ephemeroptera Galactica. (10/1/1998)

  • Ephemeroptera Galactica (1308)

    The official web site of the Permanent Committee International Conferences on Ephemeroptera. (10/1/1998)

  • Functional Morphology of Mayfly Feeding (1459)


  • Mayfly Researchers and Enthusiasts Directory (1022)

    From Mayfly Central. (10/1/1998)

  • On-Line Directory of Mayfly workers (1038)

    Part of the Ephemeroptera Galactica site. (10/1/1998)

  • The Tree of Life (1178)

    One of a collection of 1380 web pages containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity. Authored by biologists from around the world. (10/1/1998)

  • Simuliidae-Black flies (2024)

    A collection of images (drawings and photos) of Simuliidae. From the University of Alberta. (10/1/1998)

  • Mayfly Central (2711)

    An Outstanding Site! The central feature is "The Mayflies of North America": a continuously updated account of the mayflies of Canada, Mexico and the continental United States. (10/1/1998)

  • SEM Atlas of the Ephemeroptera (D.McShaffrey) (1060)


  • Collembola (1227)

    The homepage of Goetz Kluge and An-Ly Yao-Kluge. (10/1/1998)

  • Iowa State Entomology Index (1551)

    The Entomology Index of Internet Resources. A directory and search engine of insect-related resources on the Internet. (10/1/1998)

  • International Odonata Research Institute (904)


  • Societas Internationalis Odonatology (857)


  • Chironomidae (2155)

    The Chironomid Home Page, established in February 1995 by Luc Int Panis, and currently maintained by Ian Walker. (10/1/1998)

  • The Wonderful World of Insects (1821)

    Over 5 meg of entomological stuff! Gordons Entomological Home Page is designed as an interactive site aimed pimarily at schools, though children of all ages and occupations will find some enjoyment within its domain. (10/1/1998)

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