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  • Watershed Assessment Associates (WAA) (1468)

    Watershed Assessment Associates (WAA) is a leader in providing communities, businesses, municipalities, and planners with watershed evaluations. We perform water quality sampling and analysis and taxonomy services for clients throughout the United States. Our professional biologists tailor small and large projects to meet the needs of our clients, and work in accordance with all local and state protocols. WAA also offers professional development workshops, training in applied research, and monitoring program seminars for professionals, students, and volunteers. (4/19/2008)

  • Environmental Concern Inc. (1262)

    Environmental Concern, a public, non-profit corporation dedicated to wetlands, has been a leader in the field since 1972, EC is dedicated to promoting public understanding and stewardship of wetlands through experiential learning, native species horticulture, and restoration and crealtion initiatives. EC’s Construction Department continues to focus on a wide scope of wetland construction projects.The department offers expertise in structural and non-structural shoreline erosion control, pond construction and maintenance, wildflower meadows, and invasive species control. The Education Department was created with the goal of educating people of all ages about the importance of wetlands. EC provides courses for educators and professionals, enhancing the knowledge of both experienced and beginning wetland enthusiasts. (3/26/2006)

  • Waterscope: aquatic microscopy services (1472)

    Scope of services: Phytoplankton; Diatoms; Benthic Algae and Cyanobacteria; Zooplankton; Identification; Taxonomy; Ecology; Phytoplankton Interactions; Trophic Interactions; Lab Analysis and Field Sampling; Microscopy; Collections management; Development of site or region specific keys; Sample Processing; Data Set Analysis; Environmental Consulting; Best Management Practices; Literature Reviews. (5/20/2005)

  • APEM (Aquatic Scientists) Ltd. (955)

    APEM (Aquatic Scientists) Ltd. is the UK's leading specialist aquatic science consultancy. Based in Manchester since 1987, APEM operates throughout the UK providing an integrated approach to environmental investigations in freshwater and marine environments. Led by a team of specialists who are recognised experts in their fields, APEM covers virtually every aspect of aquatic science with comprehensive field, laboratory and consulting services. (12/20/2004)

  • Environmental Services & Consulting (1296)

    Environmental Services & Consulting (www.es-and-c.com) is a certified HUBZone small business providing macroinvertebrate taxonomic services to clients nationwide from offices in Blacksburg, VA and Bloomington, IN. ES&C has 25 years of taxonomic expertise, full QA/QC on both identification and sorting of benthic samples, reference collections, state of the art data management and reporting, and appropriate storage for over 1500 unprocessed 1-L samples and 500 processed samples stored in alcohol. ES&C provides taxonomic and sampling services for federal, state, municipal clients as well as multiple industrial clients and engineering firms. (4/28/2004)

  • Tetra Tech, Inc., Center for Ecological Sciences (1370)

    Tetra Tech's Center for Ecological Sciences, in Owings Mills, Maryland, is dedicated to the research, development, and implementation of ecological assessment and monitoring approaches for the nation's water resources. We offer extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative monitoring strategies for aquatic systems. We routinely develop and conduct ecological monitoring programs to assess ecosystem health and provide decision-makers the information needed to identify chemical and nonchemical stressors and to prioritize water bodies for protection or restoration. The Center for Ecological Sciences has been a pioneer in the development and implementation of specialized biological and toxicological tools used to conduct integrated assessments of physical, chemical, and biological components of the aquatic ecosystem. (8/6/2002)

  • Water's Edge Scientific, LLC (1362)

    Water's Edge Scientific LLC provides aquatic biological services for many types of freshwater studies. Our scope of work includes: Sample processing, taxonomic identification and enumeration of freshwater benthic macroinvertebrates, algae, and zooplankton samples; aquatic plant identification and herbarium preparation; data analysis and report writing; and related services. (1/25/2002)

  • Chadwick Ecological Consultants, Inc. and Chadwick & Associates, Inc. (1666)

    Chadwick EcologicalConsultants , Inc. is a full service ecological consulting firm with over 20 years of experience in the design, implementation, and management of aquatic ecological studies. Founded in 1979, CEC conducts aquatic studies throughout the U.S., specifically related to the effects of water quality on aquatic life, stream classification, FERC relicensing, water development, flow-related impacts, CERCLA/Superfund sites, historic mine activities, and mitigation/habitat enhancement planning.

    Chadwick & Associates, Inc. is a full service aquatic biological laboratory, with 20 years experience in the analysis of a wide variety of biological and water quality samples for private industry, academia, municipalities, and State and Federal agencies throughout the United States (9/1/2001)

  • Limnotek (1147)

    Limnotek is a western Canada consultancy supporting senior level decisions on water resources management and it is a contractor that implements management actions. (12/9/1999)

  • American Aquatics, Inc. (1580)

    AMERICAN AQUATICS is an environmental firm that specializes in assessing aquatic ecosystems. (5/10/1999)

  • Freshwater Benthic Services, Inc. (1492)

    A company providing identification of benthic macroinvertebrates from freshwater environments. (3/26/1999)

  • PISCES Conservation (949)

    PISCES Conservation is an environmental consultancy and supplier of environmental software. (3/12/1999)

  • EcoAnalysts, Inc. (2197)

    Private consulting firm specializing in aquatic macroinvertebrate and fish taxonomy. (10/1/1998)

  • Rhithron Associates, Inc. (1608)

    Specialists in aquatic bioassessment - Invertebrate taxonomy - Bioassessment - Data analysis - Sampling aquatic systems (10/1/1998)

  • Pond and Lakes Management (1128)

    Aquatic Systems, Inc. is a consulting firm with over 27 years of experience in pond and lake management. (10/1/1998)

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