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Equipment and Book Suppliers

  • Albert Scientific (1053)

    Manufacturers the Al-Sci Field Sieve - Gravelometer for measuring stream bottom particle sizes for the Wolman Pebble Count and habitat assessment. Interested in developing other products for the stream restoration/assessment field (7/28/2003)

  • Pleurax and Zrax - diatom mounting media (1755)

    Pleurax, a mixture of phenol and sulfur heated to reflux, that was first described by Hanna. This material is dissolved in isopropyl alcohol and produces beautiful clear light yellow mounts. It is very useful for making strews. The refractive index of Pleurax is greater than 1.7.
    Zrax is a condensation product between naphthalene and formadehyde. It is similar to Hyrax, which is no longer available, and Naphrax, which is also not available. Zrax is dissolved in toluene and is a clear very light yellow material with a refractive index of greater than 1.70 in the solid. (2/7/2003)

  • Styrax - diatom mounting media (1169)

    Styrax is made from pure gum storax according to directions from Robert Firth and Bernard Hartley, as conveyed by Klaus Kemp from Somerset County, UK. The manufacturing process at Montana Diatoms provides a stable, permanent resin of relatively low refractive index when compared to Hyrax and pleurax, which is useful for highly-silicified frustules such as those found in fossil diatomites. Unlike other manufacturer's production, this resin hardens completely without prolonged heating and is completely free of small particulates, making it suitable for use in darkfield examination. (2/7/2003)

  • Frigid Units, Inc. (897)

    "Living Stream" System, Stream Modules and Water Chiller/Heater units for a controlled environment. Fiberglass tanks manufactured to special needs. (11/1/2002)

  • Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. (977)

    Provides classroom aquaculture, hydroponics, and aquaponics systems supplies and curriculum. Fiberglass tanks and raceways (streams). (11/1/2002)

  • Sandpiper Technologies (2049)

    Sandpiper Technologies, Inc. specializes in remote video and surveillance systems for wildlife and security applications. Video systems include: burrow probes, underwater and elevated cameras and time lapse surveillance devices. Equipment available for rental as well as purchase.
    Grant program makes rental equipment available to wildlife biology graduate students in the U.S. and Canada. The equipment is scheduled between regular rentals to wildlife consultants, usually for three- to six-week periods.
    * Equipment Grants: Students receive the equipment for a limited period of time.
    * Cash Grants: Small cash grants may be issued to graduate students.
    * Equipment Grant Discounts: Equipment may be sold to graduate students or universities at discounted rates if equipment is needed for a more extended period of time. (9/25/2002)

  • PhycoTech (1154)

    PhycoTech, Inc. is an innovative environmental consulting firm specializing in the analysis of lake, reservoir, stream and marine samples for suspended and attached algae, zooplankton, and bacteria. We also provide algal analysis for fish and macroinvertebrate guts and sediment cores. Related Products Offered: Archiving: Permanently Mounted Microscope Slides (of your samples) - Utermöhl Counting Chambers Nannoplankton Counting Chambers - Sedgewick Rafter Cells - 35mm Slide Set (variety of taxa, excellent for teaching!) - Hydro-Bios Plankton Examination Accessories (12/11/2001)

  • Cheap Forceps at Widget Supply (1078)

    By recommendation of Dave Lenat (NCDENR), a good source for inexpensive "jewelers" forceps for invertebrate sorting. This link goes directly to the sharp tweezers page. Looks like lots of other interesting small tools at this site too. (10/10/2001)

  • Bee Works (1157)

    This appears to be THE place to get bee tags for marking small invertebrates. Tags can be found in the "Queen Rearing" section of their online catalog. (6/26/2000)

  • Edutech Corp. (905)

    Edutech Technologies Corp., was conceived and created by a small team of scientists intent upon developing affordable electronic tools which would compliment environmental studies. Product line includes tools for hydrology, meteorology and agriculture. They also provide educational services. (6/5/2000)

  • BioQuip Products (1153)

    BioQuip Products has the most complete line of entomological products available from one source in the world. We feature aquatic collecting equipment as well as many other products including, vials, dissecting equipment, optics, and over 1400 titles referencing the life sciences. (1/17/2000)

  • Onset Computer (948)

    Manufacturer of Data Loggers for monitoring and collecting data, for temperature, humidity, event and state activities. (1/14/1999)

  • Wildco (1472)

    Wildlife Supply- sampling equipment, lab supplies, etc. (10/1/1998)

  • Balogh Scientific Books, Champaign, Illinois (830)

    Bookseller and Distributor of Natural History Books (10/1/1998)

  • Natural History Book Service Ltd (941)

    An independent mailorder bookshop and library supplier based in Totnes, Devon, UK. (10/1/1998)

  • Patricia Ledlie Bookseller (827)

    On-line natural sciences catalogue (10/1/1998)

  • Aquatic Research Instruments (1416)

    Equipment and supplies for aquatic research. (10/1/1998)

  • Ben Meadows Co. (903)

    Equipment for natural resource managers. (10/1/1998)

  • Elsevier Books (788)

    "Science publisher to the world." (10/1/1998)

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