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  • Digital Aerial Photography - NOHRSC Snow Surveys (960)

    The pictures were taken by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Officers (NOAA Corps Officers) from the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center's (NOHRSC) Airborne Snow Survey airplane. These images are predominantly rivers in winter from northern tier states and Alaska but there are a few other sets (such as Red River flooding, 2006). Images are taken from altitudes ranging from 500 to 1000 feet above ground level, georeferenced (lat/lon) and include place name if known. (4/26/2006)

  • Free Stock Photo Sources (1079)

    From the Photoshop Tutorial Blog, this page contains a list of 65 sources for free stock photos. Use restrictions will vary depending upon source. (12/30/2005)

  • Earth Science World ImageBank (989)

    The Earth Science World ImageBank is a community service provided by the American Geological Institute (AGI). The ImageBank is designed to provide quality geoscience images to the public, educators, and the geoscience community. Most imagery is available online at a high-resolution suitable for on-screen display.The images contributed by leading geoscientists and photographers for use in your non-commerical efforts, such as educational slideshows or in personal materials. All images available to the public have been indexed using the standards of GeoRef, AGI's premier bibliographic information system. (12/13/2005)

  • Clipart ETC (1216)

    A collection of +5500 clip art images compiled by the Educational Technology Clearinghouse at the University of South Florida. A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 50 items in a single, non-commercial project without further permission. The site holds a very credible set of images for ecological use including a wide variety of insects, fish, plants and even algae. Images are available in three sizes as gifs and as 240dpi TIFFs. Most images appear to be scanned from books published around the turn of the last century and are now out of copyright. (11/16/2005)

  • NBII Digital Image Library (963)

    Developed and maintained by the Center for Biological Informatics of the U.S. Geological Survey, current and future collections contain images associated with plant and animal species, scenic landscapes, wildlife management, and biological study/fieldwork. Web-based resource of high quality images dynamically linked to associated metadata accessible and available to scientists, conservationists, decision makers, educators, students and the general public worldwide. You may browse based on broad subject categories or search for specific images using the search feature. Each image's metadata record contains valuable information about the image, i.e. scientific name, description, location, etc. (9/13/2005)

  • Univ Center for Atmospheric Research - Digital Image Library (986)

    The UCAR Digital Image Library provides access to unique photographs and illustrations of atmospheric and solar phenomena, pollution, clouds, research instruments, field projects, landscapes, educational settings, and the NCAR Mesa Laboratory and surrounding site. (3/28/2005)

  • BLM Digital image Library (809)

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is an agency of the U.S. Department of the Interior with responsibility for managing 262 million surface acres of America's public lands and their natural resources primarily in 12 western states. The agency is also responsible for administering 700 million acres of subsurface mineral estate throughout the nation. The photos in this database are part of BLM’s digital photo library. All images may be downloaded free of charge. They may be reprinted, within certain guidelines. Site also conatins a link to the separate Historical Images Collection which contains digital versions of more than 3,500 historical photographs, some dating back more than a century. These images document the nation’s westward migration and highlight the activities of the General Land Office and the Grazing Service, which were later consolidated to form the BLM. (10/8/2004)

  • Ichthyology - Primary Types Imagebase (836)

    The California Academy of Sciences Department of Ichthyology type collection contains over 37,000 specimens in over 6,000 lots, of which more than 1,600 are primary type lots. The type database consists of names that were published using CAS, Stanford University (SU), or Indiana University (IU) specimens as primary types (holotype, syntype, lectotype, or neotype). Most of the Indiana collection was acquired by the Academy in 1928. The entire Stanford collection came to the Academy in 1970. Three categories of images may be present: color photographs, radiographs, and original illustrations. In the case of syntypes, a single specimen is selected to represent the syntypic series. This is true even when the series is distributed in several discreet lots. The selection is based primarily on appearance for photography, so these may not be the best specimens for taxonomic purposes, and in some cases, may only represent one of two or more taxa actually present in the series. (4/2/2004)

  • The Freshwater Dinoflagellates (978)

    Freshwater Dinoflagellates was created by Victor W. Fazio III and Dr. Susan Carty of Heidelberg College (Tiffin, Ohio). Two main attractions of this site are the Freshwater Dinoflagellate Image Archive, and the Recent Additions-Freshwater Dinoflagellate Images 2003 (from the 2003-04 winter field season). Individual Dinoflagellate image pages generally include a ventral view, dorsal view, or both, and the pages featuring species from Ohio include county distribution maps. Site visitors can email Dr. Carty for permission to use any of the images. The website also contains a List of Freshwater Dinoflagellates in Ohio, some of which link to the individual image pages. From The NSDL Scout Report for the Life Sciences, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2003. (3/19/2004)

  • The ANSP Algae Image Database (1057)

    The ANSP Algae Image Database contains light micrograph images of diatom taxa from rivers throughout the USA. Many taxa are represented. There are multiple images of several to help represent within-taxon variability. The images were made primarily by ANSP Patrick Center Phycology Section staff as part of their routine analysis of algal samples. Purposes of the database are to: provide a set of reference images for ANSP algal analysts and collaborators to help them maintain consistency in taxonomic identifications; help document names of taxa used in papers and reports by providing easy access to representative images; and make images available to other phycologists as a resource to help with identifications.The set of images available here is not meant to be comprehensive or to be taxonomically definitive, but only to show representative specimens that can be used to supplement image resources in the published taxonomic literature. (2/20/2004)

  • Visualizing the Great Lakes (830)

    A collection of photographic images that provide a glimpse of the majesty of the lakes and their problems. Produced by the USEPA-GLNPO and Minnesota Sea Grant. (1/15/2003)

  • Images Canada (999)

    Images Canada provides central search access to the thousands of images held on the websites of participating Canadian cultural institutions. Through Images Canada, you can find images of the Canadian events, people, places and things that make up our collective heritage. Image use restrictions depend on individual intitutions. [ Site content is obviously much broader than the interests of NABS, but did get good hits for "stream", "river" "fish", "insect" and even "littoral" and "riparian". Unfortunately no "algae", "periphyton" or "pond scum" - DK] (8/16/2002)

  • NPS Digital Image Archive (922)

    Images of (US) National Parks, Battlefields, Historic Sites, Monuments and Recreation Areas. Images are cataloged by location and are available in jpeg and photo CD formats. (7/15/2002)

  • Freshwater and Marine Image Bank (1363)

    The Freshwater and Marine Image Bank is an ongoing digital collection of images related to freshwater and marine topics, in all their diversity. It includes images of fish, shellfish, and marine mammals, pictures of fish hatcheries and dams and vessels, materials related to polar exploration, regional and traditional fisheries, and limnological (freshwater) subjects. Its scope is global. (4/19/2002)

  • Landsat.org (1046)

    Landsat.org supports the purchasing, distribution, and sharing of Landsat 7 imagery worldwide by providing a simplified, platform-independent user interface and search engine with online data ordering. By clicking on the "Global Click Map" a search is initiated for all available Landsat 7 imagery. Once the initial search is complete, results appear in the "Results" window. Users can refine the search by moving to an adjacent image, adjusting the date interval, level of cloud cover, or sorting the results. (11/30/2001)

  • Crayfish Photographs (1284)

    A collection of links to crayfish images, both extant and fossil. From the Crayfish Homepage at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum of Brigham Young University. (5/10/2001)

  • Geology by Lightplane (802)

    Collection of 335 low altitude aerial photographs of the midwest, northern plains and Rockies. Images are primarily dry land formations, but includes Lake Michigan shore line, rivers, resevoirs sinkholes and surface mining. Images are available free for noncmomercial educational use. (4/26/2001)

  • Flood Photo Gallery (830)

    Produced by the NOAA/NWS North Central River Forecast Center. A collection of surface and aerial images of the Upper Mississippi Basin 2001 flood. Also includes images of snowpack for New England and Manitoba and Saskatchewan. (4/26/2001)

  • Digital Library Photo Collection (2122)

    Part of the UC Berkeley Digital Library Project, this collection of more than 80,000 digital images is available for online searching. Subsections of the collection include plants, animals, landscapes, people and culture, Africa, CA Dept. of Water Resources, and aerial photos of Sacramento River Delta. Most images are available for non-commercial use, but check "Usage and Permissions" page for full information. (4/12/2001)

  • Protist Image Data (892)

    Protist Image Data (PID) provides pictures and short descriptions of selected protist genera, especially those genera whose species are frequently used as experimental organisms or are important in studies of organismal evolution. (3/29/2001)

  • Online Map Creation (933)

    You may create maps interactively at this site. Map features can include, topography, bathymetry, national (state and provincial in NA) boundaries, rivers and tectonic features. Fill out the form, submit your entries and a page with the desired map will be returned to your browser. Images can be saved and downloaded in GIF, encapsulated Postscript or Adobe Illustrator formats. (1/23/2001)

  • NASA - Visible Earth (901)

    The Visible Earth is a consistently updated central catalog/collection point to the superset of Earth science-related images, visualizations and animations. (12/20/2000)

  • Photos - South Florida Water Management District (820)

    A variety of images relating to central and south Florida ecosystem. (12/15/2000)

  • BGSU Ctr for Algal Microscopy & Image Digitization (1179)

    Collection of 185+ digitized images consisting mostly of light images of cleaned diatoms archived by collection site. There's also an archive of diatom scanning electron micrographs.Any image may be freely used for educational and noncommercial purposes. Commercial rights reserved (12/14/2000)

  • Great Lakes Diatoms (1207)

    The Great Lakes Diatom Home Page is constructed as a hierarchy linking the genera list to species lists for each genus, and linking species lists to individual species "cards." Each species has its own "card" with a micrograph and includes information on morphological measurements, where the specimen was found, ecology of the species, and additional information. (12/14/2000)

  • The Diatom Collection of the California Academy of Sciences (747)

    The CAS Diatom Collection Web Site is an ongoing project to present taxonomic information, images, records of collections, and references pertaining to diatoms. (12/14/2000)

  • Susquehanna University Algal Image Archive (847)

    Collection of light micrographs and SEMs. Collection includes: Chlorophyta, Euglenophyta, Pyrrophyta, Chrysophyta (with diatoms),and Cyanophyta. (12/14/2000)

  • NOAA Photo Library (1012)

    The US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration collection spans centuries of time and much of the natural world from the center of the Earth to the surface of the Sun. The NOAA collection (16,000+ images divided amongst 18 "albums") includes thousands of weather and space images, hundreds of images of our shores and coastal seas, and thousands of marine species images ranging from the great whales to the most minute plankton. (12/12/2000)

  • USDA Plants Database - Image Gallery (897)

    Selected images of US plants. Searchable by name, growth form and whether they are designated as wetlands plants. Note - some material at this site is not in public domain, check copyright restrictions page for more information. (10/26/2000)

  • NPS Historic Photograph Collection (854)

    The National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection is comprised of more than two million images which cover a wide variety of subjects: Park architecture, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Native American heritage, NPS personnel, roads and transportation, scenic views, and much more. There are presently 2000 images from the Collection available online. The collections of several eminent National Park Service photographers, including Jack Boucher, Arno B. Cammerer, George A. Grant, and Abbie Rowe, are also included in the Collection. (10/26/2000)

  • USGS Earth Science Photographs (913)

    Photographic archive collection from the U.S. Geological Survey Photo Library. The collection consists of over 19,000 photos ranging in age from 1868 through 1992. (10/26/2000)

  • USFWS National Image Library (1002)

    The National Image Library is a collection of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service images made available on line with background information and low resolution image files for use in the public domain. The collection includes images of a variety of species including birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, mammals and plants as well as shots of habitats, refuges, hatcheries, environmental issues and Service personnel performing work related tasks. (10/26/2000)

  • USDA Online Photo Center (886)

    The US Department of Agriculture Online Photo Center provides a complimentary source of high-quality digital photographs, a select few of which appear on these web pages. (10/26/2000)

  • USACE Digital Visual Library (948)

    Searchable library of photographs, illustrations, artwork, clipart, logos, maps, and posters of a majority of the US Army Corps of Engineers civil and military projects from around the world. (10/26/2000)

  • Canadian Landscapes (1101)

    This collection of photos of Canadian Landscapes and landforms is presented as a public service to illustrate the great diversity of Canadian scenery. Brief geological explanations provide insight on how the features developed. The photos were taken by scientists of the Geological Survey of Canada during the last 30 years. Very few of these images have been published and rarely in colour. This section is expanding from east to west. (10/16/2000)

  • Bio-Graphics (1102)

    Biologist/illustator Brenda Cunningham's page, with examples of her illustrations. (7/3/1999)

  • Cyanobacterial Image Gallery (1064)

    The images in this gallery are uncopyrighted freeware and are provided for educational purposes. (6/9/1999)

  • BIODIDAC, an image bank to teach biology (1047)

    Line drawings and photos of typical lab specimens used in introductory zoology. The material can be freely used and modified for educational non-profit causes. (11/22/1998)

  • Animal Diversity Web (992)

    From the University of Michigan's Museum of Zoology, a collection of pictures and information about animals. (10/1/1998)

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