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  • National Environmental Directory (924)

    The National Environmental Directory is a directory of more than 13,000 organizations in the United States concerned with environmental issues and environmental education.The developers claim that this is the most complete and most comprehensive environmental directory in the United States. It is available at this Web site and as an exciting Software Program (5/24/2002)

  • Montanta Water (712)

    Provided by the Montana University System Water Center at Montana State University-Bozeman, this impressive site offers a wealth of information regarding issues related to water in Montana and nationally. A mix of political (regarding recent legislation), educational, research, and funding/employment "water information" is posted at this Website, under several section headings: Information, Featured Programs, Policy & Legislation, Learning Resources, and Montana Watersheds. In addition, a substantial collection of links to related organizations and resources assists users in finding further online information. From The Scout Report for Science & Engineering, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2001. http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/ (3/29/2001)

  • Water Librarians' Homepage (827)

    Metasite containing a variety of useful links in the field of water resources along with other library-related links. Agencies, databases, publishers, organizations, libraries, mailing lists, and more are featured. From The Scout Report for Science & Engineering, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2000. http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/ (10/11/2000)

  • Entomology Events Calendar (742)

    A truly *comprehensive* source of information regarding events such as commercial meetings, society or association meetings, workshops, professional courses, expositions, seminar series, and other public events that are devoted to general or applied entomology topics would be a very useful resource for the entomological community. (1/4/2000)

  • World Wide Web sources for freshwater science (733)


  • Aquatic Biology Page (793)

    Extensive list of links to resources, organized by broad categories. Features prominent mention of our NABS site. (10/1/1998)

  • The Rockefeller University Computing Services Internet Bio Servers Page (649)

    Internet Biology Servers. WWW DNA & Protein Analysis Toolkit . RUCS Sequence Analysis Facility . Scientific Publications/Journals. Sequence & structure databse analysis and search sites… (10/1/1998)

  • Ecology Server (710)

    School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri-Columbia. Links to ecology servers. (10/1/1998)

  • Entomology on the World-Wide Web (WWW) (772)


  • Environmental Biology Jumpstation (789)


  • Environmental Sites on the Internet (1054)


  • International Directory for Botany (600)

    From the Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki University, Finland. (10/1/1998)

  • Internet sites of interest to ecologists (657)


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