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Proposals for Membership Vote at Annual Meeting

Proposed Changes to By-Laws

For the past 18 months, the SFS Board of Directors and Constitutional Review Committee has undertaken a major revision of the constitution and bylaws with the goal of streamlining the committee structure and process of committee appointments as well as for consistency with our day-to-day operations.  We have also made major changes in response to new initiatives, including establishment of an Early Career Committee, the addition of a delegate to the Board of Directors focused on diversity and inclusion, and expansion of the Diversity and Education committee to include established inclusivity efforts and to address needs of members at Primary Undergraduate institutions.

The proposed by-laws are available here and a summary of changes can be found here. Propsosed changes will be voted on by the SFS membership during the Membership Business Lunch in the Grand Riverview Ballroom.

Proposed Changes to Membership Fee Structure

The scope of the Society for Freshwater Science, the influence of our journal, and size of our annual meetings have expanded over the past decade, yet our membership has shown a gradual decline. Several special committee reports and surveys have found that annual membership fees are a financial challenge for some segments of the Society’s membership. To address this problem, the SFS Board of Directors has recommended a salary-based fee structure similar to those used by other scientific societies, particularly the Ecological Society of America. The rationale for this change is that advancements in career stage (e.g., from “Early Career” to “Regular” member) are not necessarily associated with an increase in salary. Furthermore, there can be considerable variation in salary levels within a career stage, depending on geographic location, employment sector, and other factors.

The proposed a shift from a categorical structure to the salary-based fee structure recommended by the SFS BoD is shown below. Please note that this change in membership fee structure does not change the portion of the fee that is allocated to journal access.  As before, associate editors will have the journal access fee waived, regardless of salary, but that will now be achieved via a discount applied at the time of membership renewal rather than via a separate membership category. The Finance Committee has analyzed the proposed change and found that there would be no significant change in total fees-based revenue for the Society.

Current Membership Fee Structure

Membership Type Membership Fee
Regular $90
Early Career (formerly Young Professsional) $65
Student $40
Emeritus $0
Associate Editors $60

Proposed Membership Fee Structure

Income Level Membership Fee
Student $40
≤ $50K $65
>$50K to $75K $90
>$75K to $100K $110
>$100K $130
Emeritus $0