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Undergraduate Conservation Research Travel Award

Undergraduate Student Conservation Research Travel Award

This award to be offered again in 2020

The Conservation and Environmental Issues Committee (CEIC) is pleased to announce a new and hopefully annual Undergraduate Student Conservation Research Travel Award (USCRTA) competition for support to travel and present their undergraduate student research proposal that is consistent with the GSCRA award by addressing at least one of the following criteria: 1) advancing knowledge of the biology or ecology of an endangered or threatened species or ecosystem; 2) advancing knowledge of conservation of biodiversity at any or all levels of organization (from genes to ecosystems); 3) developing a plan to conserve an aquatic species or ecosystem; or 4) supporting or implementing the conservation or restoration of an impaired or threatened species or ecosystem. 

Students who receive one SFS endowment travel award will NOT be eligible for other endowment awards in the same year. We anticipate awarding one student a $1000 grant for to attend the annual SFS meeting for that year.  It is also encouraged that the award-winning student will attend the INSTARS committee meeting and mixer at the meeting.  


  1. Applicants must be A CURRENTLY ENROLLED UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT at the time of application.
  2. Only undergraduate students are eligible to apply.
  3. Applicants may receive only one USCRTA award during their student career.
  4. Project must be on-going in order to be able to submit data figures.


Please submit all proposal materials as .pdf files.

The application should consist of 4 parts: Part 1 should contain a letter of application, part 2 consists of a letter of support from the mentor faculty, part 3 is an abstract of the research findings, and Part 4 provides two figures that may consist of either data and/or conceptual model) with explanations.

Part 1. Include the following applicant information: Name, institution, mailing address, telephone/fax number, email address, current degree program, major professor/advisor's name, and project title.  In addition, include a very short paragraph indicating how the project will directly address the criteria listed in the first paragraph of this announcement.

Part 2. The letter of support from the research mentor that confirms the undergraduate status and also addresses the applicant’s involvement in the project, development of ideas and methodology, ability to critically analyze and interpret data and any other information that would assist the committee in their evaluation of the applicant’s interests and research capabilities in the field of aquatic science. This letter must be submitted directly to Steve Rier (‎).

Part 3. An abstract that includes a concise opening statement of the problem and objectives with a brief description of the methods, salient results and significance of the result should be submitted. The abstract is limited to 300 words.  

Part 4. Applicants should submit two figures that consist either data and or conceptual models. The figures should be on one page each with a three-sentence explanation for each figure.

Applicants lacking any of the requested information will not be reviewed.


Application materials should be submitted in electronic form to: Steve Rier ( The subject line of the email should read: CEIC Undergraduate Student Research Travel Award Application.

All applications will be reviewed by a non-student committee of reviewers appointed by the CEIC committee chairs, and proposals will be rated based on the criteria described above. The SFS Conservation Fund should be acknowledged for providing funds in support of research.