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Fundamentals of Spatial Data Access and Analysis in R


Fundamentals of Spatial Data Access and Analysis in R

Cost: $100.00 SFS members; $50.00 SFS student members; Limit: 20 participants

Advances in R packages that access and analyze spatial data can simplify the research process and allow for both GIS and statistical analyses to be conducted in a single software. In addition, there are several R packages that allow researchers show their methods in open and highly accessible documents. This workshop will focus on the basics of using the R language to read and write spatial data, deal with map projections, and the structure of these spatial data in R. The workshop will explore ways to read, write, and manipulate raster data in R. In addition, the workshop will look at some examples of both vector and raster analysis in R such as subsetting, extracting information, and overlaying data using R packages such as sp, sfr, rgdal, raster, and rgeos. Finally, we will explore several new R packages that simplify access to numerous spatial datasets (e.g., geoknife, LAGOSNE) to obtain covariates for analyses. All of the tools in this workshop will be explored within the context of several R tools and packages (e.g., maptools, leaflet) that can produce a transparent workflow, including interactive maps that can be shared with other researchers or the public. Ryan Hill and Marcus Beck have over 20 years combined experience working in R and will be fusing lecture and hands-on exercises to facilitate the training. Participants are expected to have some experience with R and GIS (Arc GIS).

Event Start Date: 
Sun, 05/20/2018 - 09:00
Event End Date: 
Sun, 05/20/2018 - 17:00
cobo center