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Compound Microscope For Sale

Supplies & Equipment
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Compound Microscope for Sale: Olympus BHA System- Complete with:

  • Stand w/12V-100W Halogen Illumination
  • Right-Hand, Low-Drive, Graduated Mechanical Stage
  • Quintuple Nosepiece on Dovetail Slider
  • Binocular Head w/WF10X Eyepiece Set
  • Objective Suite (Plan 10X, 40X, and 100Xoil)
  • Clear Blue Filter
  • Three 12V-100W Halogen Lamps
  • Two Spare Fuses
  • Power Cord; Dust Cover
  • and Instructions

The scope also has a pelican hard case on wheels with foam padding.
Pricing is $2300 + shipping.

Amy Scherman  |  719-930-0456  |