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Graduate Research Assistantships in River Corridor Biogeochemistry & Hydrogeology

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Dr. Ashley Helton and Dr. Marty Briggs are accepting applications for graduate students (MS and PhD) at University of Connecticut for Spring/Summer 2019 in stream/river biogeochemistry and river corridor hydrogeology. The student(s) will be co-advised by Ashley (Department of Natural Resources & the Environment, University of Connecticut) and Marty (USGS Hydrogeophysics Branch in Storrs, CT). The student(s) will be funded through projects that explore relationships between groundwater discharge to surface water and nitrogen cycling within near-stream sediments.

Top candidates will have an MS (PhD position) or BS (MS position) in a related discipline (natural resources, geology, ecology, etc.) and related field, laboratory, and/or modeling experience in biogeochemistry or hydrogeology. Ideally, the Graduate Research Assistant(s) will begin in January, 2019, but later start dates can be negotiated.

To apply, contact Ashley Helton via email ( with the following information: CV, GPA and GRE scores, contact information for three professional references, and a brief statement of research experience/interests/career goals.

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