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Research Biologist – Urban Freshwater Conservation

Expiration Date: 

Application Deadline: Applications will be reviewed from 3 July 2018 onwards, open until filled.
Annual Research Budget: Up to $20,000.

John G. Shedd Aquarium’s Haerther Center for Conservation Research is recruiting a Research Biologist specializing in Urban Freshwater Conservation to join our team. Candidates should have both the desire and the experience to be a Principal Investigator, and to develop a research program and develop supporting projects and analyses. Preference will be given to candidates that specialize in urban conservation issues and whose projects can inform resource managers, and advance conservation and stewardship practices impacting the Great Lakes region.

This position is expected to support the Haerther Center’s freshwater program goals through an independent research program focused on urban freshwater ecology. The position will be supported by of a budget of up to $20,000 per year and will report to the Director of Freshwater Research. Examples of research directions that align with our goals might include; 1) the ecological impacts of urbanization or urban attributes on native fish and mussels, 2) evaluating the efficacy of management/restoration efforts and how they may be adapted to better meet conservation objectives, or 3) supporting Federal, State, municipal, or local stakeholders efforts to mitigate or enhance urban aquatic environments.

A large proportion of job performance will be judged on the ability to manage an applied aquatic research program that adheres to the conservation priorities of the aquarium, and regularly publish results in peer-reviewed journals.  This position also serves as an institutional resource for content and communications to advance appropriate science and conservation messages through the aquarium’s many outreach channels.

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