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Resolutions of Appreciation

Resolutions of Appreciation

The Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) recognizes that the many contributions and services its members provide to SFS, the field of freshwater science, and society at large, while deserving of appreciation, frequently go unnoticed. The Board of Directors, in response to a request from a Society member or members, may therefore occasionally issue a Resolution of Appreciation to recognize a member’s contributions to the field of freshwater science. The drafting of the resolution is the responsibility of the member(s) requesting it; should accompany an important life transition of the nominee, such as retirement; and should emphasize the nominee’s contributions to SFS, freshwater science, and society. The Board of Directors may modify the resolution before it is issued. Resolutions of appreciation are to be adopted by consensus, are announced through the society’s publication, and read by the Secretary at the membership Business Meeting of the Society’s Annual Meeting.

John Morse

WHEREAS, Dr. John Morse, a distinguished caddisfly systematist, has devoted his career to researching and publishing on the identification, biology, and evolution of caddisflies worldwide since 1967; and

WHEREAS, in 2003, Dr. Morse played a pivotal role as one of the key members in the development of the Taxonomic Certification Program, contributing to the establishment of its mission statement and work plan; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Morse has demonstrated exemplary leadership by serving as the Co-Chair of the Taxonomic Certification Committee since its inception, investing an enormous amount of his time and energy to ensure its success; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Morse's unwavering commitment and dedication to the Taxonomic Certification Program and Committee for over 20 years have significantly contributed to its growth and accomplishments.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that in recognition of Dr. Morse's 20 years of dedicated service to the Taxonomic Certification Program and Committee, the Society for Freshwater Science enthusiastically presents Dr. John C. Morse with this Resolution of Appreciation.

Respectfully submitted, 18 May 2023: Bernard Sweeney, Michael Floyd, Gary Lester, Richard Mitchell, Tony Roux, Andrew Short, Sarah Spaulding, James (Sam) Stribling, Mark Wetzel

Approved and adopted by the Society for Freshwater Science in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on this 2nd day of June, 2023.

Mark Wetzel

We the undersigned request that Mark Wetzel be recognized with a Resolution of Appreciation for his long service to the Society for Freshwater Science. Mark is universally recognized as one of the premier scientists focused on the taxonomy and systematics of Oligochaeta, and he proudly wears the title of oligochaetologist. 

This year’s JASM conference (2022) will be his 50th IN A ROW—that includes annual meetings of the Midwest Benthological Society, the North American Benthological Society and the Society for Freshwater Science from 1973 to 2022. 

Mark is also a founding member of our Society’s Taxonomic Certification Program and has been tireless in providing ideas and input for the initial charter documentation, to the testing framework, and working through the testing logistics from alcohol vials to the image-based exams which are now largely the norm. 

Mark also served on the Technical Issues Committee and the Literature Review Committee (since 1978). He became chair of the latter upon the death of Donald Webb in 2012, continuing in that capacity until the last 2015-2016 issue of “Current and Selected Bibliographies on Benthic Biology” was released in 2017. True to his taxonomic interests and expertise, he compiled an annual list of citations on Oligochaeta for inclusion in the Bibliography for over 40 years. 

Other than going to sessions, committee meetings, mixers, and general hobnobbing, he was consistent at annual conferences in volunteering at Taxonomy Fairs for at least 30 of his 50 years. By confirming identifications, we are sure that he directly contributed to identification capabilities of researchers working with a wide taxonomic variety of worms. He certainly helped with comfort levels of researchers performing worm identifications. Without doubt, there are reference collections all over North America and across the globe with oligochaete slides labeled with “det. M. Wetzel”. Many of us consider those confirmed specimens to be solid gold. 

Mark has been a dependable volunteer judge of student presentations, both oral and poster, at the Society’s annual meetings. Affable and genuinely interested, Mark has encouraged innumerable young researchers over his years with SFS.

Mark also had a ubiquitous presence at every business luncheon that we can recall taking photographs of every speaker, attendees at many of the tables, and gatherings for casual discussions and interactions among Society members. Assuming those images have become part of the Society’s archives, they are invaluable to the historical record of benthic and aquatic ecology. Further, knowing Mark, they are perfectly labeled and curated. 

We have not heard him say he’s truly retiring, slowing down, or anything, but are sure that any additional “free time” he has will be used to pursue his gourmet experimental cooking, visit exotic restaurants, and test different styles of craft beers.

For the above 50 years of work, participation, and service to the Midwest Benthological Society/North American Benthological Society/Society for Freshwater Science in advancing knowledge of oligochaete taxonomy and identification techniques and creating the baseline for better understanding their ecological importance, we enthusiastically recommend a Resolution of Appreciation for Mark Wetzel.

Respectfully submitted, April 20, 2022: Sam Stribling, John Morse, Bern Sweeney, and Gary Lester. 

Adopted, with edits, by the Society for Freshwater Science Board of Directors on April 21, 2022.

Irwin Polls

We the undersigned request that Irwin Polls be recognized with a Resolution of Appreciation for his significant and sustained service as Business Manager for the Journal of Freshwater Science. From 1985 until 2019, over 30 years, Irwin dedicated himself to ensuring the financial longevity and success of our journal. His responsibilities over the years have been too numerous to list, but they included journal finance management, planning, budgeting, procurement oversight, and reporting. His careful management produced a financial surplus that has been very beneficial for the journal. Irwin bridged the journal and society business by engaging the Finance Committee, Board of Directors, Editorial Board, and the University Chicago Press (and earlier, Allen Press). In fact, he was among the leadership responsible for the acquisition of Freshwater Invertebrate Biology in 1985 that became the Journal of the North American Benthological Society in 1986 and more recently the Journal of Freshwater Science. Over his tenure, Irwin has worked with Freshwater Science editors to grow the journal into an internationally recognized resource for freshwater scientists, and to provide for its ongoing financial stability. We are grateful for his service.

Respectfully submitted: Society for Freshwater Science Board of Directors, May 5, 2019

Margaret (Peggy) Morgan

We the undersigned request that Peggy Morgan be recognized with a Resolution of Appreciation for her long service to the Society for Freshwater Science. From 1994 until 2018, Peggy was solely responsible for soliciting award donations from sponsors and arranging the judging of student papers and posters at annual meetings. She worked tirelessly to solicit large numbers of SFS members to serve as judges for literally hundreds of student papers at each annual meeting, thereby ensuring that all students received professional evaluations of their work, and in most cases a one-on-one discussion with one or more reviewers. These evaluations served as the basis for student awards for best papers and best posters, and were fundamental to the student award process. Not only did Peggy solicit the judges, but in addition she was the one who made contact with individual vendors and sponsors on a yearly basis, and thereby was responsible for obtaining the funds to pay for student awards from the time she began to do it until recently when the Society assumed responsibility for funding most student awards. Peggy is now retiring (“to watch butterflies”), and the increasing large and arduous task of organizing student awards, which a single person can no longer reasonably do, will likely be automated in the future. For her years of service to the Society for Freshwater Science in the solicitation of student awards and management of the judging of student presentations, and the great services she has provided to students of the SFS, we enthusiastically recommend a Resolution of Appreciation for Peggy Morgan.

Respectfully submitted: David Allan, Kim Haag, Lucinda Johnson, Michael Swift, March 27, 2019.

BOD Statement of Appreciation for Peggy Morgan

The Society for Freshwater Science Board of Directors accept the Letter of Appreciation for Peggy Morgan submitted by David Allan, Kim Haag, Lucinda Johnson, and Michael Swift on 27 March 2019. Peggy was the sole award donations solicitation and organizer for hundreds of student awards for 24 years. The Society is grateful for her service.