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Education & Engagement

Making Waves - SFS Podcast

Making Waves: Fresh Ideas in Freshwater Science is a podcast featuring short interviews with researchers in the field of freshwater science. Topics include biodiversity, ecology, technology, and more.

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Media Libraries

SFS is developing media libraries on Flickr and Instagram that will make it easier for members to share their photos with the Society.

Photos of taxa in the SFS Flickr albums are free to use with attribution to 


Ecological Evidence Exchange

Journal papers contain evidence that can inform management decisions. However, this evidence often does not reach decision-makers in useful formats and time frames. EcoEvidEx (the Ecological Evidence Exchange) seeks to provide this evidence in a format that can quickly reach decision-makers. Authors can enter their research into EcoEvidEx as part of the final submission process.

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Brochures & Posters

Coming soon. Free for download and distribution are brochures and posters designed to educate, promote visibility and encourage participation in the Society for Freshwater Science. Posters and brochures have been translated to a number of different languages.

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