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President's Environment

President's Environment

The President's Environment is a message from the current SFS president that is published 3x/year.

SFS President, Amy Rosemond

President's Environment: SFS Committed to Inclusion

Saturday, August 3, 2019
Amy Rosemond

Hi everyone! I hope the Salt Lake City (SLC) meeting was enjoyed by all who attended! We owe much to the meeting organizers and our conference services – they did a wonderful job! Of utmost importance to SFS members is the degree to which meeting attendees – new and old, alike – felt valued and respected by others and that the meeting venue and vibe was welcoming to all. The sense of community embodied by SFS is part of our DNA – but for breakthrough progress on inclusivity, we need sustained energy and focus in this area.

President's Environment: Navigating Boundaries in Freshwater Science

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Colden Baxter

One consequence of serving as SFS president is that I have become more attuned to the rich array of contributions made by individuals in our community. Rather than attempting to impart wisdom or inspiration directly (fat chance, Baxter!), I'll encourage you to find these in my accounts of others–I've always been a story-teller anyway, though an admittedly long-winded one!

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