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Student Resource Committee

Who are we?

The Student Resources Committee (SRC) provides graduate and undergraduate students with representation in the Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) and an opportunity to meet and interact with other motivated students and leading members of SFS.

Membership in the SRC is open to all SFS graduate and undergraduate students. We have representatives on many SFS committees. The SRC also includes several sub-committees that actively participate in fundraising and organizing activities to enhance the sense of community within SFS.

What do we do?

The SRC has many subcommittees focused on student career development, undergraduate affairs, diversity and inclusivity, and fundraising for student focused programming. We also work with other SFS committees to collaborate on specific initiatives benefitting all SFS students such as the JEDI Task Force, the Instars program, and the Education and Diversity Committee.

The ful list of SRC subcommittees and their committee chairs is below:

How to join?

If you are a student member of SFS and would like to be more involved with your society, please contact us at or fill out this Google form.