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Student Resource Committee

Who are we?

The Student Resources Committee (SRC) provides graduate and undergraduate students with representation in the Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) and an opportunity to meet and interact with other motivated students and leading members of SFS.

Membership in the SRC is open to all SFS graduate and undergraduate students. We have representatives on many SFS committees. The SRC also includes several sub-committees that actively participate in fundraising and organizing activities to enhance the sense of community within SFS.

What do we do?

Conference events and fundraisers organized by the SRC include the Graduate Student Workshop, Student-Mentor Mixer, Live Auction, Silent Book Auction, and Merchandise Sales.

We are also working with other SFS committees to develop fellowships and activities to support the growing number of undergraduate students attending annual SFS conferences.

How to join?

If you are a student member of SFS and would like to be more involved with your society, please contact us at


The SRC sells a number of items, such as short and long t-shirts, hoodies, and beer mugs, at the annual meeting each year. All money raised from selling merchandise (new and old) provides the SRC with general operating funds. Most of these proceeds help fund the activities described above, including the SRC Committee Meeting & Lunch, SRC Workshop, SRC Student-Mentor Mixer, and undergraduate travel awards. You can pre-order your SFS merchandise during registration.​

SFS Merchandise

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