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Early Career Committee

SFS Early Career Committee

Am I Early Career?

You are considered "Early Career" if you are within 10 years of completing your terminal degree. "Terminal degree" can be any degree, not just M.S. or PhD, as long as it is your last round of academic training. The 10-year timeline can be extended if you've experienced major life events within those years (e.g. parental leave). Early Career members come from all career paths, not only academia.

How can I get involved?

Current Initiatives

Speaker and Reviewer Database

We are compiling a database to advertise early career scientists interested in giving seminars and reviews. We plan to share this list with seminar/conference/lecture series organizers, reviewers, and program officers to expand professional opportunities and inclusion for early career freshwater scientists with a diverse set of identities and backgrounds. Add your information to the database and get your name and reputation out there! 

This list is not intended to include current students. If you are currently a student, please wait to join the list until after you've graduated with your terminal degree.

Freshwater Science Starter Kit

We are compiling a Freshwater Science Starter Kit, which will include two new resources: the Laboratory Essentials Kit, a resource to share frameworks and procedures for starting a new lab, and Foundational Papers in the Field of Freshwater Science, a list of essential reading for anyone getting their start in freshwater science. Please add your documents and paper suggestions to help us build these resources!

Other Resources

We have compiled resources for Early Career members, including job boards and listservs; advice on writing papers and proposals, advising students, communicating science; and careers outside academia. Make sure to check them out!