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About SFS Membership

The Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) is a premier, but welcoming, international organization of aquatic scientists. The Society is committed to providing numerous tangible and intangible benefits to its members and the greater community. Membership in SFS is open to anyone who is interested in freshwater ecosystems.

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Please note: The membership year is  January 1 – December 31.  Any payment November 14 or before counts towards the current year membership.  Any payment on November 15 or after up to the following November 14 counts towards the upcoming year’s membership.

Benefits include:

Membership Fee Structure

Income Level Membership Fee
Student $40
≤ $50K $65
>$50K to $75K $90
>$75K to $100K $110
>$100K $130
Emeritus $0
Developing Country*: Student $10
Developing Country*: Member $10

* Developing countries, including low and middle income countries, as defined by the World Bank

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