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Freshwater Science

Freshwater Science publishes articles that advance understanding and environmental stewardship of all types of inland aquatic ecosystems (lakes, rivers, streams, reservoirs, subterranean, and estuaries) and ecosystems at the interface between aquatic and terrestrial habitats (wetlands, riparian areas, and floodplains). Freshwater Science is published quarterly (March, June, September, and December) by the Society for Freshwater Science.

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Recent issues

In the Drift

The SFS newsletter, In the Drift, is a short and informal publication meant to personalize ongoing and newsworthy events and science within the society. In the Drift helps SFS members stay connected throughout the year and provides reminders. Published 3x yearly.

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Stay Fresh!

A weekly roundup of the latest articles in freshwater sciences

Latest articles

SFS Bibliography (1959-2016)

Current and Selected Bibliographies on Benthic Biology is an annual bibliographic compilation of citations for scientific articles published during the preceding year that are pertinent to one (or more) of 19 taxonomic groupings or subject categories focusing on aquatic biology.

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