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Distinguished Service 2020

Distinguished Service Award

Michael C. Swift - 2020

Mike has been a member of and active participant in SFS since the 1980s. Since 2006, he has worked tirelessly for SFS as Society Treasurer. Over that time SFS has grown and changed in many, many ways and our finances have become incredibly complicated. Mike has been at the helm through changes in our name, governance structure, meeting planners, and membership providers.

Through it all, Mike has kept the books in order, paid the bills, and overseen audits--tasks that are vitally important to the survival of our society and its ability to serve its members and the larger public. Mike has been unfailingly patient and helpful in explaining Society finances to officers and board members so that they can make intelligent, informed decisions. He has helped establish and maintain the financial stability and vitality of SFS.

But it’s not all about money, far from it. Many of us have witnessed Mike’s delight when giving students their award and endowments checks and know it’s much more than handing out checks for a student’s accomplishments—it’s connecting the past with the future of SFS.