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JEDI Engagement Training Recap and Next Steps

27 May 2021
To: SFSers
From: JEDI Task Force
Re: Engagement/training recap and next steps

Thanks to all that attended our first SFS JEDI engagement/training on privileged and marginalized identities. We very much appreciated everyone’s willingness to participate in conversations that can be challenging, and at times, uncomfortable. Major take-aways from our post-event survey (60% return rate) were: 

  • Overwhelming agreement that this activity addressed an important issue in SFS and benefitted SFS culture. 
  • Many who participated wanted more time, in particular to discuss in more detail how to effect change to create a more equitable SFS. 
  • Various levels of comfort were expressed by those who participated. 
  • Strong support for additional engagement/training events. 

Many wonderful ideas surfaced relative to how to use privilege to lift up others and make a more equitable SFS. These ranged from diversifying awards, addressing language barriers and the need to make the Society more accessible to non-native English speakers, to creating more safe spaces for all. There was a strong call to promote a culture of inclusion where heterogeneity in career paths and identities are valued by all in the Society.  The JEDI Task Force will review all the ideas that were shared and will integrate these into our initiatives. 

This event was the first in a series of JEDI engagements, and was intended to be a short exercise to spark conversations around these issues. Our next engagement will be in August (date and time, TBD). We look forward to continuing the conversation around privilege as well as exploring race and ethnicity in SFS in the August event, which will be scheduled for 1½ - 2hrs. All are welcome!

In the meantime, please feel free to use the activity (PDF) to conduct a discussion around privileged and marginalized identities in your own spaces and to think about the following question: 

Over the next year, how will you use your privileged identities to increase equity and diversity in your lab, your institution, or SFS? 

Additional suggestions or thoughts can also be shared at: