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Biologist - Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center

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The Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC), a research center of the U.S. Geological Survey, is advertising a Biologist position (GS 11 level, starting salary range is $61,218-$79,586 depending upon qualifications) at its facility in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The job announcement and application instructions can be found at the USAJOBS posting for DEN-2019-0001 (applications must be submitted through this site):

Qualifications for the scientist include one year of specialized experience at or equal to the next lower grade level. Examples of experience at the GS-09 level work may include: Experience in concepts of vulnerability and adaptive capacity and related disciplines including watershed hydrology, geomorphology, limnology, or fisheries and their application to studies of causes and consequences of ecological patterns and processes in rivers and floodplains; experience in assessing exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity of ecological systems and or biological communities; experience in synthesizing readily available datasets; experience working with natural resource managers, administrators, and scientists in a team setting to translate theory and concepts of ecosystem ecology, vulnerability, and adaptive capacity into practical applications and methods in the study and management of protected areas; experience in collaboratively developing adaptation strategies; experience interpreting and communicating results of complex analyses to inform current and potential future management actions; experience preparing comprehensive written reports and presentations summarizing and interpreting results for a wide range of technical and non-technical audiences; and experience presenting results and regional and national scientific meetings, and preparing manuscripts for peer-reviewed publication.

UMESC has a multidisciplinary staff with specialists in diverse ecological fields (e.g., avian, fish, invertebrate, landscape, plant, river, and wildlife), as well as analytical chemistry, ecotoxicology, statistics, geographic information systems, and information transfer. Research involves a diversity of approaches, including manipulative experiments, descriptive studies, long-term studies, and modeling. Research is across a range of spatial scales, including whole ecosystems, field enclosures, experimental ponds, laboratory microcosm, and the organism and cellular levels.

La Crosse, Wisconsin, provides excellent, small city quality of life in a scenic area rich in culture and history. The education system (including two universities and a technical college), health care, and other employment opportunities are excellent. The area offers land and water recreational activities during all seasons of the year. Urban and rural real estate are affordable.

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