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Engineer Manager (WPRP - Capital Restoration Project Implementation Unit)

Jobs Available
Expiration Date: 

Salary: $77,143.00 - $137,746.00

Location: Anne Arundel County, MD

Job Type: Full-Time Permanent

Department: Public Works

Job Number: 05052R

Closing date and time: 4/8/2019 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Contact Information:

Agency: Anne Arundel County

Phone: (410) 222-7595



Heritage Complex

2660 Riva Road, First Floor

Annapolis, Maryland, 21401


This posting will be used to fill a Full-time, Permanent, Engineer Manager (WPRP - Capital Restoration Project Implementation Unit) position in the Watershed Protection and Restoration Program (WPRP) Division in the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering.

This position involves supervisory professional engineering and program management work, including oversight of some staff within the Capital Restoration Project Implementation Unit and is responsible for ensuring all program elements related to the contract administration, budget management, community outreach, design, permitting, coordination, and construction of the environmental restoration projects associated with the WPRP are executed successfully.


This position is responsible for overseeing the environmental restoration implementation program within the WPRP Capital Restoration Project Implementation Unit and ensuring that the implementation of those projects is accomplished in a timely and cost effective fashion. Work involves responsibility for planning, organizing, and directing the work of engineers, and technical and office support staff. Engineering projects include such areas as: stormwater management BMPs; stormwater ponds; stream restoration; storm drain outfall restoration; and the design and construction of storm drains and culverts. The complexity of work requires ensuring projects meet time schedules; budgeted appropriations; water quality goals; quality standards and customer satisfaction; code and permit requirements; performance standards for contractual personnel and managing staff personnel.

Work requires extensive knowledge of environmental engineering principles and practices, and keeping informed on the latest technological and operational advancements in the stormwater engineering area. Work is performed with considerable independence and minimum guidance from a higher level supervisor, in making technical and personnel decisions and is performed in accordance with departmental policies and objectives and professional standards. The work will at times require physical effort and exposure to the outside in visiting potential project sites and capital project work sites. Work is evaluated for its timeliness, thoroughness, quality, and effectiveness in managing staff and contractual personnel as well as its success in helping to achieve the Program's water quality goals.


(Note: The duties and responsibilities enumerated in this class specification are for the purpose of determining a common set of minimum qualifications and salary level for all positions in this class. They are not intended to include all of the essential job functions of all positions in the class.)

  • Plan, coordinate, and oversee the work and activities of the design and construction of environmental restoration projects.
  • Oversee and coordinate the work of contractual engineers and architects, construction managers, and inspectors engaged in capital projects involving environmental restoration initiatives.
  • Maintain considerable contact with County officials, community representatives, contractual engineer and design personnel, and other government agencies in development and implementation of capital projects and engineer programs.
  • Maintain frequent contacts with engineering/architect firms to ensure capital projects meet contract requirements on costs, structure, project design, engineering, architectural plans, schedule, and work.
  • Provide oversight in the review of County codes/specifications relating to capital improvement projects.
  • Supervise the work of engineers assigned to capital improvement projects and engineering programs relating to project design, engineering, architectural plans, and specifications for capital improvements projects to include changes, modifications, and additions.
  • Oversee the inspection of all construction through each phase, provide guidance concerning construction materials, change orders, requisitions, schedules, and any changes to be made by the architects and engineers to upgrade efficiency and maintenance of materials, machinery, or equipment.
  • Work closely with staff from other departments and outside agencies to ensure an effective working relationship in administering capital improvement projects.
  • Provide technical engineer support to develop new policies and procedures for new products, methods, and specifications used in capital projects.
  • Make presentations to community leaders, elected officials, and management on capital projects as they relate to the scope, cost, schedule, environmental impact and citizen concerns.
  • Maintain records for capital improvement programs in the form of contract files on project budgets and financial activities, procurement services, invoices and payments, bonding, project schedules, technical documents, permit applications, contract specifications, and correspondence.
  • Review pending and approved legislation and evaluates for programmatic impact.
  • Assist the WPRP Administrator in drafting, presenting and defending legislation as required to the County Administration and County Council as required.
  • Perform related duties as assigned by the WPRP Administrator.


  • Skill in leading assigned employees, providing instruction, and reviewing their work.
  • Extensive knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of program development, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Knowledge of the general principles of procurement, contract management, and personnel administration, as required.
  • Knowledge of stormwater management laws, rules and regulations in Maryland, including the Chesapeake Bay TMDL.
  • Proficiency in development site plan review and interpretation of GIS layers such as impervious surface, parcel map and aerial photography.
  • Ability to successfully plan and coordinate the full range of digital mapping and map production to provide Stormwater Remediation Fee support.
  • Ability to prepare, interpret, and evaluate program proposals and modifications, and impacts to existing Stormwater Remediation Fee program.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to deal tactfully, effectively, and equitably with people.
  • Ability to attend meetings or perform work at locations outside the office, if necessary.

Minimum Qualifications

A bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university with a degree in engineering or a related field; two (2) or more years of administrative and lead, advanced, or supervisory work experience; state registration as a professional engineer; and a valid non-commercial Class C motor vehicle operator's license.

Supplemental Qualifications

Preference will be given to candidates with the following:

  1. Demonstrated experience in managing a capital improvement program involving environmental projects such as stormwater management, stream restoration, dredging, watershed retrofitting and permitting.
  2. Demonstrated regulatory knowledge and experience in the design and construction of the types of projects related to this position.
  3. Demonstrated experience managing large-scale environmental restoration projects from conception to construction.
  4. Demonstrated knowledge and experience with stream restoration, stormwater runoff and stormwater management techniques.
  5. Experience supervising multiple staff members.
  6. Working knowledge of NPDES MS4 Permits.
  7. Implementing Quality Assurance and Quality Control measures related to the responsibilities of this position.
  8. Proficiency using Microsoft Office Software to include: Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint.