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Environmental Analysis Lab Technician

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Full description, including how to apply available at: administrative direction of the Director of the Center for Freshwater Research and Education (CFRE) at Lake Superior State University and reporting to the Coordinator of Operations, the Lab Technician oversees day-to-day analysis needs of the Environmental Analysis Lab (EAL) and provides technical support to faculty, staff and students aligned with CFRE mission


The Lab Technician’s role will include, but not be limited to:

• Completing basic lab tasks (make buffers, autoclave materials/trash, etc.) and general lab housekeeping (wash glassware, clean and tidy work area, etc.)
• Maintaining, storing and properly disposing of materials
• Independently following SOPs (standard operating procedures), verbal and written instructions to complete routine laboratory work, analysis, and research
• Operating various types of equipment such as multichannel pipettors, grinders, centrifuges, thermocyclers, automated liquid handling systems, etc.
• Performing laboratory tests on samples using specified methodology; preparation and extraction of samples by wet chemical techniques
• Routinely carrying out DNA extractions from various matrices
• Analyzing samples using molecular techniques, including ELISA and RT-PCR
• Preparing samples and quality control specimens; preparing and standardizing reagents and solutions; and calibrating equipment including ICP/GC-MS needed for quantitative analysis
• Recording test results and writing test reports describing procedures used
• Analyzing data using statistical software and generating reports of results
• Making appropriate entries into instrument logs, control charts, calibration records, laboratory worksheets, and any other media, whether print or electronic, required to ensure validity and traceability of information
• Monitoring and assisting with purchasing of laboratory supplies and materials
• Organize shipments to and from collaborators and field sites
• Assisting with lab safety (safety checks, training, etc.)
• Assisting with grant writing and/or contract acquisition to sustain the position at CFRE
• Attending professional development opportunities as available (e.g., conferences)
• Assisting CFRE staff and community partners with organizing and conducting outreach events (e.g., St. Marys River Day)
• Assisting with other lab tasks or processes as needed
• Assisting with tracking and reporting on analytical lab activities and accomplishments annually


• Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, or other scientific disciplines in a related field
• Knowledge of complex laboratory techniques, equipment, terminology, materials and substances
• Demonstrate the potential ability to perform essential functions of the job as outlined in the position description
• Valid driver’s license
• At least 1 year of experience in a laboratory setting
• Demonstrated experience performing EPA/Standard methods
• Demonstrated training in the use of scientific equipment for environmental analyses