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EPA post-doc - Studying market-based approaches to managing excess nutrients in watersheds

Graduate & Postdoc
Expiration Date: 

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Systems Division is seeking applicants for a post-doctoral scientist in “Market-based incentives for managing excess nutrients in watersheds.” The position is in Cincinnati, OH, and the application period closes May 2, 2019.  Please share with any students or colleagues who might be interested.  

We seek post-doctoral applicants to join a team of economists, ecologists, engineers, and water quality modelers to study the effectiveness of management programs and policies in watersheds for prevention and mitigation of nutrient pollution. Outcomes of this research may focus on the cost effectiveness of controlling excess nutrients, assessing the uncertainty of controlling excess nutrients, examining market-based incentives for controlling excess nutrients, or linking water quality models to economic models. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to collect data, evaluate water quality models, study nutrient biogeochemistry, consider aquatic community and system level ecological dynamics, and/or conduct economic analyses as part of the interdisciplinary research team. Managing nutrient pollution for clean water is one of the most challenging environmental issues of the day. The research here seeks comprehensive solutions to this problem with a focus on spatial scaling effects in large watersheds and a high degree of stakeholder involvement. Individual projects benefit from a multi-agency collaborating group that includes water resource protection, water treatment, and soil /water conservation professionals in addition to government and academic scientists and engineers. The research effort will inform our understanding of the feasibility and implementation of market-based approaches, like water quality trading, to nutrient pollution management in watersheds.   

See the website below for more information about the position and how to apply, as well as other opportunities.

Please contact Chris Nietch ( with any questions.