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Executive Director

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Clean River Partners is accepting applications to be our next Executive Director. This is an exciting time for our organization: we hope the next leader can build on the successes we’ve had over the past several years, and be ready to take us above and beyond! This is the perfect opportunity for an Executive Director that wants to leave a lasting impact on our communities for years to come… and this is where YOU come in. We would love it if you would share this opportunity with your networks, colleagues, online and in conversation. We will be accepting applications (cover letter, resume, three references) at least until Oct 11, 2022 when a selection committee will review materials and begin the next phase of the hiring process.
We offer a flexible working environment, competitive salary, and are seeking an Executive Director that brings the skills of fundraising and donor relations tied to a strong ability to find and nurture grants for our expansion. We plan to be the leader in local and state-wide conservation and support of not just the Cannon River Watershed but across southern Minnesota more broadly.

To learn more about this position and how to apply: Click Here