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Graduate Student Position: U Mississippi Crayfish Conservation Genetics

Expiration Date: 

The Garrick lab at U. Mississippi is currently recruiting graduate students for Spring or Fall 2021. The lab has interests in understanding evolutionary processes that generate, maintain, or compromise diversity within and among species, and an opening exists for an early career researcher to contribute to a conservation genetics project focusing on threatened crayfish species from the southeastern US. This initiative has collaborative support and funding from the USDA Forest Service.

Students with interests in population genetics, molecular phylogenetics, freshwater ecology, morphometrics, species distribution modelling and/or applied conservation biology are encouraged to contact Ryan Garrick (email:, lab website:

The U. Mississippi Department of Biology deadline for receipt of graduate student applications is 1st October 2020 for a Spring 2021 start, or 1st February for Fall 2021 start (, but initial conversations should start now to allow planning for supplementary fellowships.