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Graduate Student positions - Ice-cover and DOC influence on winter phyto and zooplankton communities

Graduate & Postdoc
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The Aquatic Ecology Lab at the University of Calgary is seeking two graduate students (one MSc and one PhD, ideally) for a NSERCfunded winter lake ecology project. Under the supervision of Dr Fred Wrona (UofC and Alberta Environment and Parks), the broad scope of the project is to evaluate how alterations to winter icecover conditions, due to environmental change, will affect subsequent ice-off conditions, including summer algal blooms. The student will be housed within the biological sciences department at the University of Calgary and must meet the admission requirements outlined at

Through a combination of in-situ field manipulative experiments and a broader field campaign, students will examine the linkages between winter surface cover quality/quantity, dissolved organic carbon and phyto- and zoo- plankton community compositions. The successful students will work alongside fellow lab members in the Aquatic Ecology Lab as well as Alberta Environment and Parks staff and be part of a multi-faceted research program. Fieldwork will take place at lakes across Alberta.   

Interested applicants for the MSc (PhD) position should hold a BSc (MSc) degree in Biology, Environmental Science, or related field. Familiarity with field sampling, principles of limnology, and an understanding of hydrology is an asset. A desire to work outdoors in winter conditions is required! Funding is guaranteed at departmental rates ($23,000/yr) through a combination of RA positions and departmental TA-ships. Students will be encouraged and assisted to apply for additional funding.

To apply, please submit a copy of your CV, unofficial transcript and general research interests to Dr Fred Wrona ( and lab manager Christina Suzanne ( prior to submitting an application to the University. The University application deadline for Canadian students is March 1, 2019 for a May 2019 start.