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John Morse, EPT Course (Year 31!) Documentary

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John Morse, EPT Course (Year 31!) Documentary

For 30 years Dr. John Morse has taught Aquatic Entomology at Highlands Field Station in North Carolina. This summer will be year 31.

We want to make a short documentary to tell John’s story and capture the adventure. Mayflies, Stoneflies, Caddisflies, Biomonitoring, Trout Fishing, Conservation, Endangered Species, Entomology, Students, Fun, Enjoyment, Science, Taxonomy, Catchin’ Bugs in a Creek—this documentary will have it all!

Here is an opportunity to highlight a slice of Entomology for the public—what it is, why it’s fun, what it’s used for, AND in a way that portrays insects as beneficial. Most of us are willing to take half a day, drive somewhere, and put on a one time two-hour presentation for 30 kids. Here is an opportunity to create a lasting presentation that will be viewed by tens of thousands of people for any years. It’s a good investment.

If you took Dr. Morse’s EPT course you remember how tough it was: 12–14 hours a day, every day, for two weeks! John is in his mid-70s and he can still work any student under the lab bench.

Please visit our gofundme site and consider a contribution.