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MS position: steam fishes and crayfishes — Clemson University

Expiration Date: 

Dr. Brandon Peoples (Clemson) is seeking one MS student to work with Dr. Zanethia Barnett (US Forest Service) and a growing group of collaborators to develop monitoring plans for aquatic invasive species on National Forest lands. The project will involve developing creative research questions, sampling fishes and crayfishes in wadeable streams using electrofishing and eDNA protocols, developing statistical models to inform monitoring and management, and collaborating with a diverse group of agency ecologists and stakeholders.

Candidates must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in freshwater science, fisheries, ecology, biology, or equivalent
  • Competitive practical experience in fish/crayfish/freshwater research
  • Demonstrated excellence in written, verbal, and quantitative skills

Ideal candidates will have some combination of experience in:

  • Working in streams
  • Backpack electrofishing
  • Fish and/or crayfish ecology, preferably lotic species
  • Working with biologists from agencies, nongovernmental organizations, etc.
  • Analysis using R software, GIS, etc.
  • Scientific writing and communication

To apply, please send application packets to Brandon Peoples ( with the subject “MS application: invasive stream fishes”. Packets should include in a single PDF 1) a cover letter describing your interest in the project and career goals, and 2) your CV, including at least 3 references. The GRE is not required for admission to Clemson or to work with our team.