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PhD position - Microbial Ecology of restored wetlands

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The Walker Lab at Middle Tennessee State University is currently seeking a Ph.D. student to advance research on a project focused on the assessment of whether restoration, implemented through the wetland restoration program, enhances essential wetland functions in the lower Mississippi River Basin States. Wetland microbial communities regulate nutrient removal and sequestration (Scholz and Lee 2005). Bacterial, archaeal, and fungal taxa carry out the cycling of inorganic nitrogen throughout numerous reactions catalyzed by a panel of different enzymes (Bonilla-Rosso et al. 2016). To assess wetland easement success, the prospective student will utilize high-throughput DNA sequencing to characterize microbial communities and functional gene profiles. The student will be expected to work with a team of scientists to coordinate sampling and research efforts across the southeast US. Prior experience or training in microbiology, mycology, or molecular biology is preferred. The PhD student will begin during the spring 2019 semester. Prospective students should inquire directly with Dr. Donald Walker ( and include your CV, a statement of interest, and unofficial transcripts in your inquiry.


Salary: Graduate assistantship of $23,000/year plus full tuition waiver  

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