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Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki, Finland, invites applications for


in biogeography, macroecology, aquatic ecology or a related field starting earliest from 1.10.2022 or as agreed for a fixed-term employment contract until 31.12.2024. A six-months trial period will be applied.

The postdoctoral researcher will work on the project BIOISLAND Biodiversity loss in freshwaters under changing environment - lessons from island diatoms (2022-2026) funded by the Academy of Finland. Our aim is to examine freshwater diatom functional and taxonomical biodiversity patterns and drivers on islands and continents and explain and predict biodiversity variation using key ecosystem characteristics such as ecosystem area, age, isolation, land use and water chemistry. We use both observational global and regional diatom data sets and conduct field campaigns and experiments at smaller spatial scales. Overall, forthcoming results will increase our understanding of how ecosystem fragmentation affects biodiversity in freshwaters.

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