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Research Biologist & Instructor – Aquatic Invasive Species

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The John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois, is seeking candidates for a Research Biologist and Instructor position. Specifically, we are interested in a candidate who will be responsible for developing a robust research program focusing on understanding how aquatic invasive species are influencing inshore native fish communities in the Great Lakes, as well as instructing a college-level course in Freshwater Ecology.

The position is expected to contribute to the Haerther Center’s Freshwater Conservation Research Program goals to understand how human activities are affecting freshwater biodiversity in the Great Lakes region and how public engagement and restoration initiatives can reverse these declines. The Great Lakes Aquatic Invasive Species program is expected to have an applied research focus, providing resource managers with pertinent information that can be used to support native species conservation and mitigate the effects of invasive species. Additionally, the program is expected to be framed in a narrative that is accessible, inspiring, and meaningful to the general public, such to increase public awareness about key conservation issues. The Research Biologist is expected to work closely with diverse stakeholder groups (i.e., state and federal fisheries agencies, other NGOs, and academic institutions) and maximize education and outreach opportunities, both within and outside of Shedd, to ensure a strong return on investment and mission.

The position will be supported by of a budget of up to $20,000 per year and will report to the Director of Freshwater Research. A large proportion of job performance will be judged on the ability to manage an applied aquatic research program that adheres to the conservation priorities of the aquarium, and regularly publishes results in peer-reviewed journals. This position also serves as an institutional resource for content and communications to advance appropriate science and conservation messages through the aquarium’s many outreach channels.

In addition to maintaining a research program focused on Aquatic Invasive Species in the Great Lakes, the Research Biologists will be responsible for instructing a 3 or 4-credit college course in Freshwater Ecology within the fall semester (mid-September to end of October, yearly). Responsibilities include acting as a liaison between the sending schools within the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area, updating curricula as needed, planning associated local field trips, lectures, guest speakers, and assessments.


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