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Researcher I (Aquaculture Coordinator)

Expiration Date: 

Title: Researcher I (Aquaculture Coordinator)
Job Category: Administrative/Professional
Department: Fisheries; IL Aquaculture Center - SIUC
College: Vice Chancellor for Research-SIUC
Position Summary:
The Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences is seeking a coordinator for our
aquatic research facility used by aquaculture and ecology faculty, graduate students, and
industry partners. The facility includes over 15,000 square feet of recirculating wet lab space
and a 100-acre plot of 90 research ponds plus a 10-acre research lake. This individual will
oversee the operation of the facility with assistance from students and staff.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Ensure the maintenance and function of all aquatic systems, arrange seasonal care of facilities,
and care for fish and other aquatic organisms. Develop and oversee an annual budget for the
facilities. Organize and manage activities of staff and students in the facilities. Assist the
Director and Center faculty in developing revenue streams to help support the facility
infrastructure and activities.

Minimum Qualifications:
Must have a bachelors degree in biology, aquaculture, ecology, biology, fisheries, natural
resources, or related field. Valid driver's license. Ability to work long hours. Ability to work in
adverse environmental conditions. Demonstrate organizational skills and high attention to

Preferred Qualifications:
M.Sc. or equivalent in aquaculture or aquarium management. Ability to write grant proposals
and successfully procure external funding from stakeholders.
Contact: James Garvey
Please visit to create an account and apply
Deadline to Apply: 6/15/23