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Two pieces of scientific equipment for sale

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Like new, SHIMADZU Total organic carbon and nitrogen analyzer:  TOC-V Combustion Analyzer, Standalone, Regular Sensitivity Aqueous TOC & Nitrogen Analyzer (TOC-VCSN, TNM-1) for sale (purchased 2009; only periodically used). Includes ASI-V Autosampler - two trays (68 of the 40-mL vials, and for 93 of 24 mL vials). The TNM-1 module allows analysis of carbon and nitrogen simultaneously.   If interested send an inquiry to pcfurey -AT-  (Machine available for pick up in St. Paul, MM)

From product description “TOC-VCSN is designed and configured for analysis of wastewater, drinking water, pharmaceutical water, ground water, surface water, saline water, domestic, and industrial wastewater. This instrument meets or exceeds all specifications according to Standard Methods 531B, Environmental Protection Agency Methods 415.1, EPA SW-846 Method 9060A, ASTM 2579, and Clean-In-Place TOC application. The TOC-VCSN utilizes the approved Platinum catalyst, 680-degree Celsius combustion technique to oxidize aqueous samples. The combustion type TOC eliminates salt interferences and ensures complete oxidation even with high molecular weight compounds, suspended particles, and refractory compounds. The system incorporates a Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) detector for maximum sensitivity and durability. The detection limit is 50 ppb while the recommended sample concentration is 300 ppb to 25000 ppm. The TOC analyzer is capable of measuring Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Non-purgeable Organic Carbon (NPOC, Total Carbon (TC) and Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC or IC)The TNM-1 utilizes a chemiluminescence detector to measure Total Nitrogen in the range of 50 ppb to 4000 ppm. 


For sale: Like new Lachat’s Quikchem® 8500 Series 2 Flow Injection Analyzer used for analysis of ionic compounds in aqueous solutions (Purchased 2009, minimally used). With analytic manifolds for low and high range nitrate-N, low and high range soluble reactive phosphorus, chloride, and potassium chloride extractable nitrate-NIf interested send an inquiry to pcfurey -AT-  (Machine available for pick up in St. Paul, MM)

From Lachet Instrumenst website: “Lachat’s Quikchem® 8500 Series 2 Flow Injection Analysis System features high sample throughput and simple, rapid method changeover. The Quikchem Flow Injection Analysis system maximizes productivity in determining ionic species in a variety of sample types, from sub-ppb to percent concentrations. With over 400 methods for environmental, agronomic and industrial applications, including USEPA accepted and equivalent methods, the Quikchem 8500 will satisfy all your analytical requirements.”