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UCSC Acoustic Telemetry Team

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The UCSC Acoustic Telemetry Team is recruiting two scientists to join our team.

1. Field operations leader: You will be helping to build and maintain a state-of-the-art fish tracking network with many academic and agency partners in a highly collaborative environment. You will play an active role in exciting, applied research projects, including implanting acoustic tags into juvenile salmon to identify regions of low outmigration survival, and environmental conditions that lead to low survival, which may necessitate mitigation measures. Experience in boat driving, acoustic telemetry technology, and the Central Valley waterways is preferred but not required.

2. Data analyst: You will help compile and organize large telemetry datasets with a focus on making data synthesis products and visualizations available to the public. In particular, making real-time acoustic telemetry information available to resource managers will play a central role in the adaptive management of California's water resources ( We strongly encourage analysis of the data and support publishing results. Experience in database management, Shiny apps (or similar products), survival modeling, and programming is preferred but not required.

If you know anyone who may be interested in these positions please let them know to apply here: This is to apply into an ongoing pool for the academic specialist series within the UCSC Fisheries Collaborative Program, and salary is commensurate with experience. Applications must be submitted by Sept 30th for consideration.