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Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Natural Resource Technicians (permanent seasonal)

Expiration Date: 

Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is hiring 11 new permanent seasonal natural resources technicians across the forest’s three districts. Positions are available in fisheries, wildlife, botany, and hydrology. Technicians will assist district specialists with field work to monitor sensitive and threatened species, conduct water resource inventories, assess effects of forest projects on natural resources, implement and monitor stream or habitat restoration projects, and more. Technicians will also have office duties including data entry, working with GIS and maps, maintaining equipment, and basic technical writing tasks such as drafting field reports.

These GS-5/6/7 career ladder positions are entry-level permanent seasonal jobs that provide a sequence of training steps that lead to progressively more advanced jobs and skillsets throughout a Forest Service employee's career.

To Apply: apply online at USAJobs announcement number 24-TTP-HRM-FS026-5DP-KL during the open period of 10/19/2023 – 11/22/2023. This is a large, group vacancy announcement with positions available all over the country, you will be able to specify which positions and locations you are interested in.

For More Information: Please fill out this survey to share your contact information and what positions you are interested in directly with staff on Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.

Forest hiring information:

Contact one of the district specialists below for more information. We’re able to answer any questions you have about the jobs or locations, and can also provide advice on submitting your application if you are not familiar with USAJobs and federal hiring.

Fisheries: (Joseph) or (Baker City)
Botany: (Joseph), (La Grande), or (Baker City)
Hydrology: (La Grande) or (Baker City)
Wildlife: (Joseph) or (La Grande, Baker City)