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Water Quality Recreational Health Program Coordinator (Environmental Scientist III)

Expiration Date: 

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality is seeking a WQ Recreational Health Program Coordinator (Environmental Scientist III) to work in the Division of Water Quality. This position is part of the Standards and Technical Services Section and will lead the recreational health program for the Division. For more information about the UDWQ, please visit:

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Principal Duties
As the WQ Recreational Health Program Coordinator you will:

  • be knowledgeable of chemical and biological-related water quality information, including the monitoring, analysis, interpretation, and communication of these data from waters of Utah.
  • enhance other statewide programs that rely on recreational health information in order to protect human health and aquatic life.
  • communicate scientific concepts and analytical results to both technical and lay audiences.
  • strengthen existing collaboration and seek new partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies and stakeholders for related water quality programs.
  • manage biological related water quality data, particularly related to: phytoplankton (including cyanobacteria), e. coli, and other potential human health indicators.
  • update and execute water quality program management plans.
  • practice effective project management for projects conducted internally and those contracted to external entities that require both short and long-term objectives.

Closing Date: November 30, 2021