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Freshwater Science: Volume 37, Issue 3

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Featured Article

Brooke A. Hassett, Elizabeth B. Sudduth, Kayleigh A. Somers, Dean L. Urban, Christy R. Violin, Si-Yi Wang, Justin P. Wright, Rose M. Cory, and Emily S. Bernhardt. 2018. Pulling apart the urbanization axis: patterns of physiochemical degradation and biological response across stream ecosystems. Freshwater Science 37(3): 653-672 

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View looking upstream on the River Spöl to Punt dal Gall dam at Livigno Reservoir on the Swiss/Italian border under residual flow. Artificial floods have been implemented on the river beginning in 2000.

Photographer: Uta Mürle, Hydra Büro für Gewässerökologie, Öschelbronn, Germany 

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