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Freshwater Science: Volume 38, Issue 1

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Featured Article

Katrin Schmidt, Richard G. Pearson, Ross A. Alford, and Robert Puschendorf. Tadpole species have variable roles in litter breakdown, sediment removal, and nutrient cycling in a tropical stream. Freshwater Science 38(1):103–112.

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In this Issue

  • Stability not influenced by allochthonous-inputs
  • River services assessment framework
  • Leaf breakdown and exclusion methods
  • Intra-annual stream nutrient uptake
  • Spatial variation in aquatic food webs

On the Cover

Litter bags and leaves tethered to a frame in a stream in the Atlantic forest, Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro. The experiment used bags with different size mesh and frames exposed to different intensities of electricity to study the effects of shrimps and insects on leaf processing.

Photographer: Tim Moulton, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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