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Freshwater Science: Volume 39, Issue 2

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Featured Article

This month's featured article: Quantifying Stream Periphyton Assemblage Responses to Nutrient Amendments with a Molecular Approach, authors are J.D. Hagy III, K.A. Houghton, D.L. Beddick Jr., J.P. James, S.D. Friedman, R. Devereaux. Freshwater Science 39(2): 292-308.

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In this Issue

  • Tropical Stream Responses to Drought

  • Nitrogen Dynamics in Boreal Streams

  • Variable Stream Metabolism and Trophic Status

  • Pharmaceuticals Alter Stream Ecosystems

  • Plankton Metacommunity Structure

On the Cover

On the Cover: Photo of a section of Las Flores Pampean stream, Argentina, showing the density and diversity of aquatic vascular plants, which cause diel changes in oxygen concentration and nutrient uptake.. Photograph by Eugènia Martí, digitally enhanced by Claudia Feijoó

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