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Freshwater Science: Volume 40, Issue 1

Monday, March 22, 2021

Featured Article

This month's featured article: Beta diversity of stream insects differs between boreal and subtropical regions, but land use does not generally cause biotic homogenization 

D. K. Petsch, V. S. Saito, V. L. Landeiro, T. S. F. Silva, L. M. Bini, J. Heino, J. Soininen, K. T. Tolonen, J. Jyrkänkallio-Mikkola, V. Pajunen, T. Siqueira, and A. S. Melo Freshwater Science 40(1): 53-64. See the entire issue.

In this Issue

  • Intermittency mediates leaf breakdown

  • Influence of nutrients and warming on periphyton

  • Modeling thermal metrics to aid fish management

  • Algal photosynthetic response to translocation

  • Downstream transport of mollusk eDNA

  • Confronting existing ecological knowledge

  • Ephemeral stream maps show policy implications

On the Cover

On the Cover: Cyanobacteria in an experimental aquarium (top image) and Nostoc verrucosum Vauch. ex Born. & Flah. (2nd image), Microcoleus autumnalis (Gom.) Strun., Kom. & J. R. Johans (3rd image), and Cladophora glomerata (L.) Kütz. (4th image) in a reach of the South Fork Eel River, California that runs through the Angelo Coast Range Reserve (part of the University of California Natural Reserve System).

Top photograph by Leon Katona and bottom three photographs by Paula C. Furey

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