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Freshwater Science: Volume 40, Issue 2

Monday, June 7, 2021

Featured Article

This month's featured article: Long-term monitoring reveals convergent patterns of recovery from mining contamination across 4 western US watersheds

William H. Clements, David B. Herbst, Michelle I. Hornberger, Christopher A. Mebane, and Terry M. Short  See the entire issue.

In this Issue

  • Seiche- and storm-driven oxygen uptake 

  • A seasonally dynamic stream light model 

  • Metacommunity in a fragmented river system 

  • Light and consumers affect decomposition 

  • Watershed protection and water quality 

  • Responses to flooding in river rock pools


On the Cover

On the Cover: Dalal Hanna paddles the Jacques-Cartier river in Quebec, Canada, to collect data for her PhD research focused on watershed protection and water quality. This research was featured in the National Geographic virtual reality series Into Water, in the episode: Canada's Wild Rivers - 360 ( Photograph by Jake Dyson,

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