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Freshwater Science: Volume 40, Issue 4

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Featured Article

This month's featured article: Wildfire and drying legacies and stream invertebrates assemblages

Scott D. Cooper, Kristie Klose, David B. Herbst, Jason White, S. Matthew Drenner, and Erika J. Eliason  See the entire issue.

In this Issue

  • Algal priming of organic matter decomposition

  • Lack of long-term restoration effect of CWD dams

  • Flow, temperature, and crayfish recruitment 

  • Aquatic insect beta diversity in streams 

  • Wetland macroinvertebrates and detritus

On the Cover

On the Cover: Photograph of Rose Valley Creek, California, Dec. 2017, illustrating the effects of the 2017-18 Thomas Fire on southern California streams. Rose Valley Creek is a tributary to Sespe Creek, which, in turn, is a tributary to the Santa Clara River. Photograph by Dr. Kristie Klose

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