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Freshwater Science: Volume 41, Issue 4

Friday, December 2, 2022

Featured Article

This month's featured article:  How extreme drought events, introduced species, and disease interact to influence threatened amphibian populations

Travis McDevitt-Galles, Wynne E. Moss, Dana M. Calhoun, Cheryl J. Briggs, and Pieter T. J. Johnson  See the entire issue.

In this Issue

  • Nutrient limitation of stream periphyton
  • Chemical fragmentation of watersheds
  • Predator-permanence hypothesis in time
  • Water temperatue and crayfish occupancy
  • Urbanization affects streambed mobility
  • Heat and smoke influence streams 

On the Cover

On the Cover: An example of toxic drainage from an abandoned mine chemically fragmenting watersheds and isolating upstream reaches with good water quality. Runoff from abandoned mines has degraded an estimated 11,838 km of stream in the state of Pennsylvania, making it the leading cause of water quality impairment. Illustrated here is the confluence of Piney Creek and the Clarion River. Photo: Andrew Turner.

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