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Freshwater Science: Volume 42, Issue 3

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Featured Article

This month's featured article: Joint species distribution models reveal taxon-specific sensitivities to potential anthropogenic alteration

Darin A. Kopp, John L. Stoddard, Ryan A. Hill, Jessie M. Doyle, Philip R. Kaufmann, Alan T. Herlihy, and Steven G. Paulsen. See the entire issue.

In this Issue

  • Insect migration traced by sulfur isotopes
  • Nitrogen retention in an Antarctic stream
  • Invertebrate indicators of streamflow duration
  • Trace metal limitation of algae

On the Cover

Shown are native freshwater mussels collected from the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River in East Central Illinois, USA, including the state threatened Purple Wartyback (Cyclonaias tuberculata), and the state endangered Wavy-rayed Lampmussel (Lampsilis fasciola). Photo: Hugo Ruellan and the Prairie Research Institute.

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