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New Articles April 1 - 7

Monday, April 8, 2019
Elizabeth "Bizzy" Berg

New Articles April 1 - 7

Coastal Wetlands

Chambers, L. G., H. E. Steinmuller, and J. L. Breithaupt. Toward a mechanistic understanding of “peat collapse” and its potential contribution to coastal wetland loss. Ecology 0:e02720.

Community Ecology

Jensen, T. C., B. Walseng, D. O. Hessen, I. Dimante-Deimantovica, A. A. Novichkova, E. S. Chertoprud, M. V Chertoprud, E. G. Sakharova, A. V Krylov, D. Frisch, and K. S. Christoffersen. Changes in trophic state and aquatic communities in high Arctic ponds in response to increasing goose populations. Freshwater Biology

Keyler, T. D., T. R. Hrabik, A. F. Mensinger, L. S. Rogers, and O. T. Gorman. Effect of light intensity and substrate type on siscowet lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush siscowet) predation on deepwater sculpin (Myoxocephalus thompsonii). Hydrobiologia.

Maceda-Veiga, A., R. Mac Nally, and A. de Sostoa. Congruence in riverine conditions and associations between native fish and several species of amphibians in a region prone to fish invasions. Hydrobiologia.

Machado, G. B. O., A. P. Ferreira, M. Bueno, S. G. L. Siqueira, and F. P. P. Leite. Effects of macroalgal host identity and predation on an amphipod assemblage from a subtropical rocky shore. Hydrobiologia.

Ramamonjisoa, N., K. Nakanishi, and Y. Natuhara. The efficacy of a generalized antipredator defense against a novel predator depends on the source of induction in prey. Hydrobiologia.


Menegotto, A., C. S. Dambros, and S. A. Netto. The scale-dependent effect of environmental filters on species turnover and nestedness in an estuarine benthic community. Ecology 0:e02721.


Huang, X., X. Xu, S. Liu, S. Song, S. Chang, C. Liu, and D. Yu. Impact of eutrophication on root morphological and topological performance in free-floating invasive and native plant species. Hydrobiologia.


Lavery, J. M., and R. A. Cunjak. The influence of abiotic incubation conditions on the winter mortality of wild salmonid embryos. Freshwater Biology

Miller, L. M., D. J. Dieterman, and R. J. H. Hoxmeier. Reproductive dynamics of a native brook trout population following removal of non-native brown trout from a stream in Minnesota, north-central USA. Hydrobiologia.

Sales, J. B. L., C. N. de Oliveira, W. C. R. dos Santos, M. M. Rotundo, Y. Ferreira, J. Ready, I. Sampaio, C. Oliveira, V. P. Cruz, R. E. Lara-Mendoza, and L. F. da Silva Rodrigues-Filho. Phylogeography of eagle rays of the genus Aetobatus: Aetobatus narinari is restricted to the continental western Atlantic Ocean. Hydrobiologia.


Lundquist, M. J., and W. Zhu. Aquatic insect diversity in streams across a rural–urban land-use discontinuum. Hydrobiologia.


Zipkin, E. F., B. D. Inouye, and S. R. Beissinger. Innovations in data integration for modeling populations. Ecology 0:e02713.


Wegscheider, B., H. O. MacLean, T. Linnansaari, and R. A. Curry. Freshwater mussel abundance and species composition downstream of a large hydroelectric generating station. Hydrobiologia.


Heine, K. B., A. Abebe, A. E. Wilson, and W. R. Hood. Copepod respiration increases by 7% per °C increase in temperature: A meta-analysis. Limnology and Oceanography Letters

Romero-Romero, S., R. González-Gil, C. Cáceres, and J. L. Acuña. Seasonal and vertical dynamics in the trophic structure of a temperate zooplankton assemblage. Limnology and Oceanography


Lambrecht, R. W., D. A. Tavares, T. R. Santos, and C. Ferragut. Responses of periphyton biomass and nutrient status to experimental enrichment and its relationships with changes in seston nutrient content and chlorophyll-a. Hydrobiologia.


Lemoine, N. P. Moving beyond noninformative priors: why and how to choose weakly informative priors in Bayesian analyses. Oikos

Water Quality

Pérez-Belmont, P., J. Alvarado, N. Vázquez-Salvador, E. Rodríguez, E. Valiente, and J. Díaz. Water quality monitoring in the Xochimilco peri-urban wetland: experiences engaging in citizen science. Freshwater Science: