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New Articles for April 10th - 16th, 2023

Monday, April 17, 2023
Mariely Vega Gómez

New Articles for April 10th - 16th, 2023


AQUATIC SPECIFIC (23): Aquatic Ecology (3), Freshwater Biology (5), Hydrobiologia (8), Inland Waters (3), Limnology and Oceanography Letters (1), River Research Applications (3)

BROAD-BASED (1): Ecology (1)

OA = Open Access




Bhattacharyya S., Eagar A.C., Engohang-Ndong J. & Leff L.G. (2023). Antibiotic resistance gene abundance and bacterial community composition in macroinvertebrates of an urban stream. Freshwater Biology n/a.


Yang Y., Chen C. & Xu T. (2023). Structure and diversity of bacterial communities in the water column of three reservoirs in Yun-Gui Plateau, China. Inland Waters 0, 1–21.




Limberger R., Daugaard U., Gupta A., Krug R.M., Lemmen K.D., van Moorsel S.J., et al. (2023). Functional diversity can facilitate the collapse of an undesirable ecosystem state. Ecology Letters n/a.




Prado J.S., Ernetti J.R., Pontes M.R. & Toledo L.F. (2023). Chytrid in the clouds: an alternative passive transport of a lethal pathogen for amphibians. Hydrobiologia.


Climate Change


Rodríguez-Rey M. & Whittaker B. (2023). The global ecological niche of lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) and predicted range shifts under climate change. Hydrobiologia. (OA).




Shahab A., Bohnett E., Ahmad B., Rashid A., Hayat M. & Alam N. (2023). Ecological impact assessment of dam construction: A case study of Diamer Basha Dam Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. River Research and Applications n/a. (OA).


Yang Q., Bejarano M.D., Ma W., Salam M., Pu B., Wei H., et al. (2023). Effects of long-term submergence on non-structural carbohydrates and N and P concentrations of Salix matsudana along the Three Gorges Reservoir. Hydrobiologia.




Besson J.C., Neary J.J., Stafford J.D., Dunn C.G. & Miranda L.E. (2023). Fish functional gradients along a reservoir cascade. Freshwater Biology n/a.


Martinsen K.T., Kristensen E., Baastrup-Spohr L., Søndergaard M., Carl H., Jeppesen E., et al. (2023). Environmental predictors of lake fish diversity across gradients in lake age and spatial scale. Freshwater Biology n/a. (OA).


Watson A.S., Hickford M.J.H. & Schiel D.R. (2023). Closing the life-history loop: Density effects on fecundity and egg size of an exploited, amphidromous fish (Galaxias maculatus) in freshwater protected areas. Freshwater Biology n/a. (OA).


Food Webs


Gazzola A., Balestrieri A. & Pellitteri-Rosa D. (2023). Embryonic exposure to native and alien predator cues tunes tadpole defensive behaviour. Aquatic Ecology. (OA).




Trentman M.T., Hall Jr. R.O. & Valett H.M. (2023). Exploring the mismatch between the theory and application of photosynthetic quotients in aquatic ecosystems. Limnology and Oceanography Letters n/a. (OA).


Invasive Species


Wang T., Zhu Y., Zhang Z., Chi X., Huang X., Zhang M., et al. (2023). Pervasive native plant has the potential to resist the invasion of exotic species: a trait-based comparison. Hydrobiologia.




Garwood J.A., Allen K., Lamb M.S., Lewis K.A., Harper J. & Edmiston L. (2023). Using long-term ecological monitoring to evaluate how climate and human-induced disturbances impact nekton communities in a Northern Gulf of Mexico estuary. Hydrobiologia. (OA).


Guan Q., Wu H., Xu X., Zhang Z. & Xue Z. (2023). Geographical and climate-dependent patterns in spatial distributions of snail (Mollusca: Gastropoda) assemblages in freshwater wetlands across Northeast China. Freshwater Biology n/a.


Labed-Veydert T., Bec A., Danger M., Perrière F. & Desvilettes C. (2023). Does sterol availability in a forested headwater stream constitute a nutritional constraint for macroinvertebrates? Inland Waters 0, 1–33.


Pereira-Moura L., Veras D.S., de Carvalho F.G., Juen L. & Couceiro S.R.M. (2023). Habitat specificity and morphology-main filters for the distribution of Odonata in the Cerrado Maranhense, Brazil. Aquatic Ecology.


Pi J., Tang Y., Coughlan N.E., Liu L., Wang X., Liu X., et al. (2023). Temperature drives reproductive activity in a rare trioecy population of Corbicula clams. Hydrobiologia.


Lake Dynamics


Aguilar J.I., Mendoza-Pascual M.U., Padilla K.S.A.R., Papa R.D.S. & Okuda N. (2023). Mixing regimes in a cluster of seven maar lakes in tropical monsoon Asia. Inland Waters 0, 1–15. (OA).


Selmeczy G.B., Tapolczai K. & Padisák J. (2023). Catchment land use drivers are weak predictors of lakes’ phytoplankton assemblage structure at functional group level. Hydrobiologia. (OA).




Flint C.G., Holdaway B.M. & Rogers C.S. (2023). Human–river relationships depend on human–human relationships: River and watershed organizations in three western US states. River Research and Applications n/a.


Sultan D., Tsunekawa A., Tsubo M., Haregeweyn N., Adgo E., Meshesha D.T., et al. (2023). Analyzing the influence of changes in land use and management practices on the lag time of peak flows for tropical watersheds of Ethiopia. River Research and Applications n/a.




Saveanu L., Manara E. & Martín P.R. (2023). Sediment ingestion in the invasive apple snail Pomacea canaliculata. Aquatic Ecology.


Stream/River Dynamics


Tumolo B.B., Albertson L.K., Cross W.F., Poole G.C., Davenport G., Daniels M.D., et al. (2023). Resource modification by ecosystem engineers generates hotspots of stream community assembly and ecosystem function. Ecology n/a, e4052.




De Meester L., Declerck S.A.J. & Ger K.A. (2023). Beyond Daphnia: a plea for a more inclusive and unifying approach to freshwater zooplankton ecology. Hydrobiologia.